Second Flip House Design Plans

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Archie is coming along, but we still have a ton of work to be done. In this post, I’m laying out all the plans and sharing mood boards so you can get a feel of what we have in the works


Archie Design Plans

exterior of flip house

If you’re new here, we purchased our second flip house shortly after we sold our first flip.

It’s been a huge undertaking, especially with a lot of things going on in our lives – like having a new lil’ babe and planning for a giant kitchen renovation.

stone fireplace with windows on either side

The fact that the inside is complete studs much like Beverly was makes it hard to visualize, but I’ll do the best I can!

Archie Design Plans


investment property exterior plans graphic

Similar to Beverly, we are going for a black and white scheme. The image of the house is actually from a recent listing that sold right around the corner from Archie!

We will replace the siding to white vinyl all around, except for the front where we will do vertical board and batten.

We didn’t add shutters to our first flip, but we are adding them here!



modern kitchen design plans graphic
Image source: Laurel Bern Interiors

This will be our first attempt at a galley kitchen layout and I’m a little excited to see how it turns out!

galley kitchen design idea rendering

This is the rendering that our cabinet people did. This is actually the view if you’re coming from the back door, not the front.

This kitchen is small, but I think it’s going to feel really large with the extra storage the open shelves will provide.

Dining Area

dining area design inspiration graphic
Modern white kitchen with waterfall island image source: @flip_socal

The dining area is even smaller here than it was at beverly, so we will be using a large pendant light to create a space for it right between the kitchen and living room.

Guest Bathroom

mid century modern guest bathroom design idea graphic

I’m real excited to see this come together. This bathroom leans a bit mid century modern with the vanity/mirror/light fixture combo, but it’s not too far for my taste. Mid century has always been my least favorite style personally because I can’t ever get it to feel “cozy” to me.

But this bathroom might change my mind.

Primary Bathroom

luxurious small bathroom design plan graphic

As we typically do in primary bathrooms (much like the primary bathroom at Beverly and even in our own guest bathroom here), we want things to feel super luxurious no matter the size.

Bathrooms here are much smaller than Beverly which means only room for a single vanity, but we will be going hard in the luxury with marble shower wall tile and a really chonky rain head shower.

Yes, chonky is its technical name.

interior house down to the studs

It’s really hard to imagine that something that currently looks like this will soon have all these gorgeous finishings and a new family in it hopefully in a few months!

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