Modern Black Door Hardware

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In our flip house, we decided to go with sleek modern black door hardware and it’s gorgeous. I’m sharing our favorite features of our Kwikset door handles that we went with!

A huge thank you to Kwikset for sponsoring this post. As always I only work with brands I truly love and believe in and all opinions are 100% my own.


Kwikset Halifax Modern Black Door Hardware

I feel like a monster teasing you guys, but seriously, I’m SO READY to share the whole finished house with you.

I’m just trying to hold out a couple more weeks until it closes. I mean if you really wanted to that bad you could look at the listing photos but I’m not gonna just give the link out. You’ll have to work for it! ????

white board and batten siding small front porch

One thing that we wanted for the future owners of this home is for them to feel safe, but in a fancy stylish way.

Enter Kwikset.

Exterior Door Handles

Front Door

closeup of Kwikset Vancouver with smart key door handle in matte black

We actually used Kwikset Halifax doorknobs in our own house too when we painted all of our doors and were so pleased with them, we didn’t even look elsewhere for doorknobs in this house.

closeup of Kwikset Vancouver with smart key door handle in matte black

For the front door, we actually went with the Kwikset San Clemente handle set.

What we loved the most about this was the that because of how the interior of the lock is made, ACTUAL locksmiths and tried to pick the locking mechanism functions and weren’t able to do it! They even made the video to prove it!

You guys who have been around or follow me on Instagram know my love for true crime and hearing this made me stoked for the new owners of the home.

Obviously it can be unlocked by an emergency crew or something in the case of a crazy situation, but your run of the mill regular human can’t handle it. Whoop!

closeup of Kwikset Vancouver with smart key door handle in matte black

Another one of my favorite features is the Microban antimicrobial technology.

You guys also know I love science and while I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW, this is built with Microban antimicrobial technology which means that the protection put on the outside of this bad boy keeps door hardware 99.9% cleaner than unprotected surfaces.

interior side of closeup of Kwikset Vancouver with smart key door handle in matte black

Even though the outside of this door is super fancy and not locksmith friendly, the inside of the lock is a simple deadbolt.

Side Door

white board and batten siding with small side borch made from wood

Okay, y’all ready for my favorite part?

closeup of Kwikset matte black smart lock wifi enabled thumbprint

I have a lot of parts of this house that I’m jealous of, but I think this one may take the cake.

closeup of Kwikset matte black smart lock wifi enabled thumbprint

See that circle right above where you’d put your key in?



I mean, security with this Kwikset lock doesn’t even need to be on the top 10 things to worry about in this house. Designer style AND superior security?! Sign me up please!

closeup of Kwikset matte black smart lock wifi enabled thumbprint

The reason we chose to put this on the side instead of the front is simple.

Business in the front, party in the back. And by back, we mean side obviously.

Interior Door Handles

hallway view into the living room

All of our interior doors in the flip house are original to the house except a couple and I really do love that.

modern black door hardware on white door

By adding in the Kwikset Halifax black door levers, it brings a modern feel to doors that are decades old and to me, there’s something so sweet about that.

Plus let’s be honest, there’s not a lot more attractive than a white door with black hardware in a home design.

Look at me being an emotional old sap.

closeup of matte black Kwikset halifax door handle on white door

Here’s a few things I love about these interior doorknobs:

Not only do they have the same Microban protection as the exterior doorknobs, but these have a fully reversible lever!

Meaning the lever can be installed right handed and left handed super easily. So if you have a house with both right and left handed doors (which we did!) they can be simply flipped over to install the other way without any extra hardware or anything like that!

You can see it peeking in the mirror here, but I love the squared corner shape of these. The clean lines really just almost seem to disappear even though they’re a totally different color.


Kwikset halifax matte black door handle hardware

I thought I would do my best to leave you a sneak peek of the house with this view into the master bedroom whilst also showcasing the beauty of the yumminess of this black door hardware.

For the bedroom and bathrooms, they look the same as the ones we used for the closet, but these have a locking mechanism that functions by pressing the push button on the back side.

But don’t fret, my pet! They also come with an emergency key that you can use if your kid tries to lock you out of their room.

Not speaking from experience or anything.

black barn door open to see black glass door

Okay, fine, fine. You guys have been so great I’ll leave you with one more photo to hold you over until the final reveal which will be coming atcha VERY SOON!

Thanks for adulting with me and geeking out over weird things like doorknobs. You’ve done good work here, my friend.

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