Stunning Blue Gray Paint Colors

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Check out my favorite blue gray paint colors by all the popular paint brands! You’ll fall in love with at least one, I promise!


Blue Gray Paint Colors You’ll Love

Have you jumped on the blue-gray paint train?

If not, whatcha waiting on? Me to write this post? Got it.

A blue-gray color combo gives you a mix of neutral and color. And it comes in many variations ranging from pale to dark, gray to blue. 

We got Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore.

Imma tell you how to use each of these shades, the LRV – light reflective value – and even some examples of great rooms to try these bangin’ colors in! 

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Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams is one of the top known paint manufacturer brands out there. This big name comes with a reputation of high quality. But that also means a bigger price tag. So here are my picks for the best Sherwin Williams blue-gray paint colors.

Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud

DIY board and batten in a hallway with natural wood floors painted Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud

We have this in our hallway which was one of our first projects – super easy DIY board and batten!

Storm Cloud is a broody, mysterious blend of blue-gray that can give personality to any room. The dark nuance has the faintest notes of purple from a mix of R: 122, B: 141, and G: 132 that adds schmexy shadows. 

You can pair this beautiful blue with neutrals like bright whites, earthy shades like gray, brown, and creams, and dark drama like black and rich purples.

Use it on your home’s exterior or inside for your living room, bathroom, or a mysterious rich bedroom. 

Sherwin Williams Krypton

We expect a color symbolizing beauty and peace with a name like Krypton. Instead, this impressive blue-gray shade gives your space a soft, cloudy feel. Perfect for a coastal vibe in your home.

white chest of drawers in bedroom with walls painted blue gray paint color Sherwin Williams Krypton
Sherwin Williams Krypton bedroom via Medicine and Manicures

Krypton gives you a lighter nuance that can can appear light and airy in bright natural light or appear more subdued in warm evening lighting. The best thing about this fantastic color is that it can work in any room. 

And because it’s a lighter color, it can even look elegant and stylish in dark rooms without natural lighting sources, like basements and bathrooms.  

Sherwin Williams Stardew

I love, love, love the beauty of Stardew, which looks like an overcast sky as a summer storm brews out in the distance off the coast. 

laundry room painted blue gray paint color Sherwin Williams Stardew
Sherwin Williams Stardew laundry room via Making Home Base

My friend Chelsea painted her laundry room this blue gray paint color and you can see how it looks in different lighting sources with the back wall compared to the right side of the photo. 

These interesting shadows can change the look of the paint color based on what you put around the color. Use bright bold colors to tweak the gray for a more brilliant nuance. Or add light colors like whites and soft neutrals to activate the dark undertones.

Benjamin Moore

Another of the biggest names in the painting biz is Benjamin Moore. Benji offers your pick of over 3,500 paint colors.

Got a specific color they want to use that they don’t have? BM can also match your sample for a custom paint job. And without further ado, here are some of the most popular Benjamin Moore blue-gray paint colors.

Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue

Santorini Blue gives you notes of a crisp, cool blue gray paint color. This elegant shade of blue gray is more “dirty” blue with lighter neutral notes. 

white lower kitchen cabinets and island painted blue gray paint color Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue
Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue kitchen island via Life on Virginia Street

This color is also known as Benjamin Moore Nantucket This classical color is mid-toned with a lower LRV of 45. Using it in rooms with soft lighting gives you a mysterious richness to the color. 

Pair this darker shade with lighter accents to get a brighter feel to it. White beadboard walls and trim offer a brilliant contrast for a traditional vibe.

Like pictured above, this color would make a great island accent color!

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Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

You guysssss I’m seriously so in love with this color.

So much so that I did an entire post on everything Boothbay Gray

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray exteior door
Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray exterior door via Seeking Lavender Lane

I can not wait to find a reason to use this paint color in our house because every time I look at it, I fall more and more in love.

Our primary bedroom is really due for an upgrade so maybe that’s the place we can use it!

Benjamin Moore Water’s Edge

Water’s Edge is an exquisite shade of light-toned blue gray that combines an old world feel with a contemporary nuance. 

Built in mudroom locker bench area painted blue gray paint color Benjamin Moore Waters Edge
Benjamin Moore Waters Edge mudroom via @treasureinthedetail

Reminiscent of an overcast sky, use this gray-toned pale blue for a neutral shade with personality. 

Benjamin Moore New Hope Gray

Give New Hope Gray a go to achieve a versatile neutral blue-gray that will add tranquility and visual appeal to your home. 

corner office nook painted blue gray paint color Benjamin Moore New Hope Gray
Benjamin Moore New Hope Gray office nook via Good Housekeeping

Need a soothing space for your bedroom? Or a medium-toned gray-blue to liven up a bathroom in crisp white? New Hope Gray can be a great choice. 

Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue

What’s there to say about Van Courtland Blue besides it’s absolutely amazing! Subtle yet glamorous, this baby blue with buried gray tones is your perfect match. 

grid feature wall painted Benjamin Moore Van Courtland blue with white couch in front of it
Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue living room via Life on Virginia Street

This color works for a serene living room retreat like the photo here. Bring in some plants (faux if you’re a pro plant murderer like ya girl) to add touches of nature.

If you prefer something more modern, bring it into your main room as the primary neutral wall color. Then jazz things up with a bold accent wall like a deep black, a rich darker gray to bring out the gray notes in the blue, or a beautiful brown for something more rustic.


We have used Behr paint many times and it is hands down my favorite. Yes. Over Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. *clutches pearls*

And they ain’t even paying me to say that.

We used Behr in our primary bedroom closet and in our girls’ room and it goes on so silky smooth and coverage is TOP NOTCH. And it’s available from your local Home Depot which means it’s easy to find!

Behr Light French Gray

This shade of barely there color has the slightest dusting of tints to make Light French Gray a light-toned blue-gray paint color. 

bathroom walls over tub painted blue gray paint color Behr Light French Gray
Behr Light French Gray bathroom via Life on Virginia Street

With bright lighting, you can wash the blue out so much that you’re left with a fascinating soft gray. It’s the perfect welcoming color for your entryway, mudrooms, or a spa like bathroom retreat.

Behr Watery

I feel like this doesn’t have the same vibrance as my absolute favorite Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray, but it’s close! The blue tones of the gray make this color look like stormy water. 

grid wall behind large upholstered bed painted mid tone blue gray paint color Behr Watery
Behr Watery bedroom via 100 Things 2 Do

This would make a great accent wall color or even an overall color if you’re feeling spicy.

Behr Light Drizzle

Another calming blue gray paint color is Behr Light Drizzle. 

This paint color has a higher 64 LRV. It shows more gray with a hint of blue in brighter lighting situations. Light and bright, this color will make any room feel energetic and refreshing. 

Dining room white banquette seating with white table and walls painted blue gray paint color Behr Light Drizzle
Behr Light Drizzle eat in kitchen via Behr

Pull out the blue nuances with dark charcoals or purples for a modern look. Or add greens for a more natural, earthy feel. 

Behr Dark Storm Cloud

Not to be confused with Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud, Behr Dark Storm Cloud is a lusciously rich dark-toned blue-gray paint color by Behr. It has more green undertones than SW Storm Cloud.

Possibly too dark to use in your kitchen or dark rooms without natural light, it can still be the perfect choice for bedrooms, entryways, or as an accent wall in your living room. 

bathroom painted in Behr Dark Storm Cloud
Behr Dark Storm Cloud bathroom via Home Loves Design

It can even be a pop of color to break up a massive expanse of neutrality. Again, think off-the-wall, like your cabinets, vanities, or kitchen island.

Are You a Blue-Gray Convert?

Now that I’ve impressed you with all the beautiful blue-gray colors, I’m in love with telling me what one calls to you. Please share your photos with me so I can see how you implement my advice! The neutralness of blue-gray paints means they can work for any use – indoors or out.

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