Benjamin Moore Essex Green

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Benjamin Moore Essex Green is a gorgeous, rich shade of green that is perfect for an accent wall or an all-over dramatic color

benjamin moore essex green painted living room cabinets and walls


Benjamin Moore Essex Green

When we started looking at varying shades of green to paint the accent wall in the girls’ shared room, Benjamin Moore Essex Green came verrrrry close to our choice of dark green paint colors to use.

But it can also look extra fab on classy bathroom cabinets, kitchen islands, hallways, and stylish living room walls. We’re in love with the versatility of this rich green paint color and after this, you might be too.

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What Color is Essex Green?

Essex Green (HC-188) is a moody green with deep black undertones that give the color a rich depth that exudes earthy elegance from your walls or cabinetry.

This color shines best when you have natural lighting so that you can see the fullness of the color, but even in spaces like a small half bathroom, this color could be stunning.

You always want to see this on your walls in your specific space and if you don’t want to paint a sample on your wall, this would be the perfect time to try Samplize.

They offer giant peel and stick samples of paint swatches you can add to your wall so you can spend a little bit of money once instead of a lot of money on multiple samples.

You can try Samplize here if you’re looking at any paint colors from Sherwin Williams, PPG, Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball.

What Undertones Does Essex Green Have?

benjamin moore essex green graphic

Essex Green is a darker shade of green with heavy black undertones. The deep tones overtake the color to make it look a deep shade of greenish-black. 

Essex Green LRV

Essex Green has a low 5.64 LRV, making it on the darker side of the scale.

Like I said before, you want to be careful using this deep color in small rooms or spaces without natural light. The darker a color is, the less bright lights will seem.

It has the potential to make an area feel cramped and smaller without strong light sources or mirrors to reflect the lighting around the space.

The LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, of a paint color is on a sliding scale of 1 to 100.

The closer a color is to 0, the closer it is to black which means it won’t reflect light well or at all.

The close a color is to 100, the closer it is to white which means it will reflect light very well.

what is LRV? what is light reflective value graphic

I made this (super non professional) graphic to hopefully help you understand if you’re more of a visual learner.

Essex Green Coordinating Colors

benjamin moore essex green coordinating colors graphic

One of my favorite things to do when writing about paint colors is talk about the colors I would pair this with in my own home or if I were designing a flip house.

01. Benjamin Moore White Dove

White Dove is a creamy white paint color and would be the perfect color to paint on the walls if you’re using Essex Green as an accent color.

02. Benjamin Moore Warm Blush

A great warm blush paint color (as the name suggests), this would be really cute as an accent color for a door or even the trim.

We painted the closet door in the girls’ room a blush color and I love the way it brings out the wallpaper on their accent wall.

03. Benjamin Moore Spring Bud

I love pairing a light sage green with a deep forest green. Having these 2 complimentary shades of green in the same space can keep a cohesive look to your room design.

Essex Green in Real Spaces

Wet Bar

benjamin moore essex green painted cabinets and open wood shelves with a wet bar
Wet bar painted in Benjamin Moore Essex Green via BHG


benjamin moore essex green feature wall with black and grey bed and white bedding
Benjamin Moore Essex Green accent wall via Angela Rose Home

Living Room

benjamin moore essex green painted living room cabinets and walls
Benjamin Moore Essex Green living room via Luxe Interiors and Design

Exterior Door

benjamin moore essex green exterior door with white vinyl siding
Benjamin Moore Essex Green exterior door via Keeping It Cozy


benjamin moore essex green vanity with white subway tile
Benjamin Moore Essex Green painted bathroom vanity via Craven Haven

Essex Green Equivalents In Other Popular Brands

Sherwin Williams Equivalent to Essex Green

benjamin moore essex green sherwin williams equivalent graphic

Benjamin Moore’s Essex Green has a color similarity to Sherwin Williams’ Roycroft Bottle Green.

Roycroft Bottle Green is also a classic medium to dark shade of green with a low 5 LRV. It has bronze and gray undertones that make it a chameleon shade that changes with nearby decor items or lighting situations.

Behr Equivalent to Essex Green

benjamin moore essex green behr equivalent graphic

The closest Behr equivalent of Essex Green is Black Evergreen, but this green really doesn’t compare when it comes to depth of color.

While this is an elegant green with subtle smoky gray undertones and an 8 LRV, you’ll notice that it’s a lighter shade of green with not as much saturation. It’s a softer, more subtle shade of green, but beautiful nonetheless!  

Final Thoughts

Benjamin Moore Essex Green is an incredible shade of dark green that you can use as a focal piece on cabinets, islands, or an accent wall.

You can even paint an entire room in this rich green to capture the outdoors for a moody modern twist on a historical look.

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