Behr Paint Colors Matched To Magnolia

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Joanna Gaines’ most popular Magnolia paint colors matched to Behr paint colors

I surely hope I’m not the only one who gets mega overwhelmed when it comes to paint colors. Even if I’m going to Lowes or Home Depot for something else and I have to walk through the paint color aisles, I get the shakey shakes. It’s too much for this wittle brain.

Which is one of the many reason why I so love the Magnolia Paint colors. Joanna Gaines paint colors will work for you even if your style isn’t farmhouse. The colors are timeless and classic and can be used in any space. She also has a very manageable number of colors so my poor brain doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Her colors can be hard to come by if you don’t have a store that carries them close to you, but most everyone lives within a decent driving distance to a Home Depot where you can get Behr paint colors which is our go to around here! We love the consistency and quality of Behr paint and it just seems to only be getting better.

It’s a great premium paint that is easy on the budget.

So, I took the (giant) Behr paint colors fan and matched it up to some of the most popular Magnolia paint colors to hopefully take some guesswork out of this for you and to help you out a bit!

Most Popular Magnolia Paint Colors Matched to Behr Paint Colors

White Paint Colors

Why does there have to be so many colors of white paint? I was talking with my BFF the other day about white paint colors in her house and she’s like, “Can’t I just get like…white?”

And I said, “No. No you can’t.” Because there are approximately 4390238590 shades of white.

Magnolia white paint colors

I didn’t even match all the white paint colors that Magnolia has. Even though the Magnolia paint line is less overwhelming than a full blown collection of colors from Behr or Sherwin Williams, there’s still quite a bunch.

For this, I just chose a solid 5. It should be noted that the color online versus the color on the sample that I got from the store is still most likely going to be different in your own room. I ain’t no professional here. Just a girl covered in crumbs tryna help you find the perfect color for your walls.

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Popular Magnolia white paint colors matched to Behr 2020 paint

Other Popular Magnolia Colors Matched to Behr Paint Colors

best Magnolia paint colors
best Magnolia paint colors

Because Fixer Upper’s Joanna is just a doll baby and America’s sweetheart, I just love that she names her Magnolia paint colors after things important to her – like her lil’ babies.

Now, to be fair, I’m not sure she has a baby named Storm Chaser unless she named this last one that, but still. Lots named after important things and I can get behind that.

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Magnolia paint colors matched to Behr paints

I hope this is helpful for you.

Maybe if you’re like me and get paralyzed trying to pick out paint colors, this can help you take a teeny baby step forward. Whether it’s living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, wall colors can drastically change a space.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m scared of color.

farmhouse pantry shelving

I started small with our $100 pantry makeover last year and thought even if I hated the color, I could at least hide it behind a door. But I loved it!

Then in the fall I was bold enough to do a little more color in our laundry room and I gotta say, I really do love it.

I want to be bold this year and go for a wild color at least in one space. Eek. Don’t hold me to that though ????

How do you feel about the Magnolia paint line? Love it? What about color in your home? Any tips for a girl like me who’s scared of it?

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Magnolia paint colors matched to Behr paints

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  1. I am seeing this green paint color that Joanna used on her own kitchen cabinets, but I can’t decide which one it is. I’ve looked all around! I need help! It’s this dark sea green trend color right now. I want to paint my laundry room cabinets this color. Help!!! Any idea which paint it is? I’m thinking of using Tranquility..

    1. I’m unsure of what you’re referring to, but you’re right – that green is super trendy right now so it’s all going to depend on your lighting and the space in which the paint will be.

    1. Yeah I’m unsure of that honestly. It’s hard to tell because lighting, angles and filters can change so much.

  2. Thanks for the tips. Could you help me what Behr color would match up with Magnolia Home – Regal leaf?

    Thank you

    1. Because I haven’t seen it in person, I don’t want to speculate! I would suggest maybe taking the swatch to Home Depot and trying to color match with a few of their swatches.

    1. Depending on your definition of “taupe”, I would just recommend maybe searching some images of paint colors you think fit your definition and then trying a couple samples on the wall 🙂

  3. Thanks for the paint tips. Would you happen to know what Behr color would match up with, Magnolia Home “Gatherings”?

    Thank you
    Jo Ann

    1. Hmm, great question. I unfortunately didn’t pick up that swatch at my local Ace where the Magnolia paints are sold, so I’m sorry about that!

        1. I’m sorry, I don’t. Your best bet would be to try to take a swatch of Soft Linen to a store and try to get it matched that way!

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