The Biggest Back To School Time Saver

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I promise you it’s not what you’d think but it’s saved me HOURS already!


Back To School Time Saver

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the last day of school.

We had such a fun and busy summer, but man – ya girl is TIRED.

I just shared some kindergarten back to school necessities since Josiah was making his way to big boy 4k this year, but what you may not know is we *finally* decided to take the plunge to get me a car to haul all these hoodlums around.

car organization hacks inside the center console

While it seems dang near impossible to keep a car organized when you have kids, I shared the few hacks I’ve been doing to try to keep this car organized.

The only thing I was missing was keeping this thing clean.

Y’all. It’s like if I even think about putting kids in this thing, crumbs appear.

close up of Mickey Mouse goldfish in floorboard of car with black interior

Seriously. How? This sad little lone mouse man cracker is but a drop in the bucket of how dirty these kids can keep this car.

Especially running to 2 different schools in the mornings and then errands, groceries, dance, gymnastics, doctors appointments, you name it.

The one thing that actually helps me gain some time back during the school year?

A car wash membership! I know you think I’m joking. Let me explain!

closeup of black rubber floor mats

When I get in my car and see this, it’s instant stress.

After a 3 month long kitchen renovation and the fact that we now have 2 flip houses under our belt, I’m no stranger to a mess but it’s something that just makes me feel stressed out because it’s “one more thing to clean.”

Mamas, ya feel me?

side of building at Tommy's Express car wash

Where we live, we JUST got a Tommy’s Express across from a grocery store I’m at all the time (because we have a 1 year old girl who out eats her older 2 siblings combined) and I watched this thing go up and was super excited about it!

My husband has had a car wash membership for a while and promised me that as soon as we were able to get me a new car, he would get me one too.

But when I saw this pop up, I knew that I wanted to try it as opposed to the place he goes. And I’m HOOKED.

Here’s why I LOVE a Tommy’s Express over the (seemingly millions) of other car wash places like it in town:

“The Fast Lane”

about to go into a car wash entrance

So it’s technically not called the fast lane, but I get to sing this song to myself when I go through and let’s face it, that’s just fun.

On the left is where they have a window you can talk to someone which is super helpful if you’re just going for a one off time or if you need some help.

Every time I’ve been in that lane, everyone I have talked with has been MORE than helpful.

Once you have a membership, you can go in this second lane and they have a licence plate reader that reads your plate and opens up the gate.

I love that because it means I don’t have to have a sticker on my windshield like my husband does for his membership he has at the other place in town!

The App

woman's hand holding a phone with the Tommy's Express app

I’ll admit it. I’m super weird about downloading stuff to my phone so I was kind of annoyed at first of having to download something.

BUT it is really helpful!

woman holding phone with Tommy's express car wash app showing my garage screen

My favorite part is this “My Garage” screen. It shows you what car you have on your account and what subscription you’re a part of.

I got the Works because … well, children, ya know? I need all the help I can get.

The app also shows you billing cycles so you know what day you’ll be charged every month and right when you open it up, the app has a ‘Car Wash Near Me’ feature to show you the nearest Tommy’s Express location!

Don’t mind me – just practicing being famous since I’m now in the TommyClub. 💅

The Time

I started my phone the second it told me to put my car into neutral.

screenshot of black timer that says 1:57

I snapped a quick screenshot the second it told me to put my car in drive and that I was done and it was right under 2 minutes.

Tommy’s Express says that it’s a 3 minute wash, but you can be in and out in under 2 minutes which is a HUGE win!

Again, taking 2 minutes out of my day to help save my sanity knowing I won’t have the dirtiest car in car line this year. HOLLA!

red ball with 2 vacuum hoses at Tommy's Express car wash

Once you exit the wash itself, you can come around to the side which have the TOTALLY FREE vacuums!

I do keep a small vacuum in my car, but the suction isn’t nearly what I need for the crumb situation we have going on. I’m telling you – it gets WILD up in this mom car.

woman holding vacuum hose at Tommy's Express car wash

I gotta say, I’m not typically this happy holding at a vacuum at home, but I truly don’t mind it here.

woman holding vacuum hose at Tommy's Express car wash showing how to go through a car wash

Our recent beach trip left sand EVERYWHERE and it’s been driving me insane so being able to get this right on up as part of my membership at the car wash has been CLUTCH.

closeup of car interior cleaned after showing how to go through a car wash

Remember our mouse friend who was hanging out here? Gonezo.

closeup of cleaned black rubber floor mats showing the difference after it has gone through a car wash

Sand? Doesn’t stand a chance!

black leather seat closeup with Graco 4ever car seat attached with lower anchors

Oh, and pro tip for you moms out there? Vacuum out car seats or behind the base of your kid’s car seat! Stuff sneaks down in here and it’s crumb city!

I couldn’t be happier with my experience so far at Tommy’s Express and while Josiah’s favorite thing in the entire world is a trash truck, his second favorite is a car wash.

inside the car wash with red brushes

The SECOND we get out, he’s asking to go back through again.

I think it’s safe to say that Tommy’s Express is stuck with us!

A HUGE thank you for Tommy’s Express for partnering with me on this post. You’ve made my kids happier than you probably know. As always, all opinions are 100% my own! #sponsored #backtoschool

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