Primary Closet Makeover Reveal

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

See how we took our SUPER TINY primary closet from disorganized and barely functional to something dang near close to an almost walk in closet!

It’s reveal dayyyyy! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a room reveal and I’m stoked about it! I won’t spend too much time talking about what our closet looked like before because I wrote all about it when I talked about our plans for this teency lil’ tiny baby closet.

You can find a full list of sources at the end of this post!
messy master closet before

Just as a reminder, here’s where we started. Yikes.

empty tiny master closet
empty tiny master closet

Got some nice ombre goin’ on over. Sexy, right? Don’t worry about us, just over here trying to start a trend. NBD.

Color Matching Paint

color matched painted closet

This was the part I was nervously excited about. Jordan of course pitched the idea of murdering out our closet, but I was fearful that with the small space, it would just look even smaller.

2 issues with having an all white closet, though. First issue was that if we did white and it didn’t match the white in the background of the wallpaper that would look weird.

Second issue was if the whites in the wallpaper and the white of the AURDAL system wasn’t the same, it would also look weird.

So, let’s get weird and murder-y.

Behr ultra paint and primer in one

Did you know Home Depot will color match anything? Most paint companies will, but we had been hearing a lot of good things about this particular line of Behr paint and so we wanted to give the Home Depot color match a whirl.

Behr ultra paint and primer in one

In case you’re wondering, since this doesn’t have a specific color name, here’s what you’d show Home Depot if you like this color!

Adding Wallpaper To The Ceiling

Property Brothers wallpaper on ceiling

The wall color looks WAY lighter here, but it’s only because we a work lamp on to see and I snapped this picture. I’m just going to say that I was absolutely terrified to do wallpaper on a ceiling, even though it was removable.

We have done removable wallpaper in my office and it was a pain and so having that be done overhead was not exciting.

This actually went WAY better than I thought, except THIS PATTERN IS SO FRIGGIN’ HARD TO MATCH UP.

brass ceiling flushmount light on wallpaper ceilings

It was a nightmare, but once we found it, adding it on was smooth sailing!


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*Just FYI, our closet dimensions are 58 1/2″ wide wall to wall and 49 3/4″ deep from the door casing to the back wall*

finished master closet with Ikea AURDAL

Now for the good stuff. This is why you’re here! The final product.

This room is not only dark but SO small which makes taking photos of it dang near impossible which is why there are so many to try to give you an idea of what this room is like.

This closet system is strictly right out of the boxes and installed all up in this closet. It was SO super easy to install too!

added long brass pulls to Ikea AURDAL closet system in gray

The only thing we changed was adding these brass pulls that we found and love to match our modern antique brass light.

wallpaper in Ikea AURDAL drawer unit

I also used the little bit of wallpaper that we had leftover to line the top drawers on each side. I didn’t have enough to do all of them, but I was fine with that. Just glad I got to throw away an empty roll of wallpaper with no extra left over!

men's shirts hanging in the Ikea AURDAL closet

This is so super hard to see, but on J’s side, he’s got his shirts in the front, with his hats on the shelf where his drawers start.

If you can tell in the very back, you can see he has a higher hanging bar and then a lower one. It’s super tight and kind of hard to get back there, but we needed the extra space for him.

men's shoes stacked on gray Ikea AURDAL with wallpaper ceilings
men's shirts hanging in gray Ikea AURDAL closet shelving unit

You can also tell who has more shoes in this relationship and spoiler alert, it ain’t me.

He’s got his shoes up top since he’s 6’2″ and I’m not. He’s also got work boots and such lined across the very tip top as well.

men and women's shoes on Ikea AURDAL in gray

My shoes are in the middle and on the bottom. I put ones I wear most often around eye level so I’m not constantly leaning down to get them.

woman putting shoes on shelf in closet

Except the few instances I actually need a pair like I actually did here that are a little lower.

women's and men's clothes hanging in Ikea AURDAL closet in GRAY

On my side, although again, very difficult to see, I have my shirts and sweaters in the front above my drawers and then in the back I have dresses. Since I have a couple longer dresses, I did not add a lower hanging bar for anything.

masks and tray with earrings in it

I am not huge into jewelry except what I wear most every day, so on top of my shelf where I have my drawers, I added this little box for earrings and of course the newest accessory for 2020, masks.

Ikea AURDAL closet shelving unit in gray

I honestly don’t know if I’m more impressed at how quickly this project came together or that this closet actually feels somewhat usable.

woman standing in closet putting jeans in drawer

But here’s a picture of me standing inside this closet just in case you were curious how small it actually is. You can see my back is touching the side of his hanging shirts.

There’s approximately a 0.00% chance that Jordan and I are able to be in this closet together at the same time. Or even near it together at the same time really lolz.

BUT IT’S DONE! It’s one of our projects I was dying to get done in 2020 and although we’ve fallen pretty short with most things, we managed to get this done in just a few weekends. The hardest part was waiting on ONE piece of everything we needed to be in stock so we could finally mark this as donezo!

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  1. Hello! We have a similarly small closet (54”w X 51” D) and I am wondering if you can break down the exact parts and sizes of everything you used? I’m having a tough time figuring that all out. Your closet turned out so great!

    1. Hi Catherine! Thank you so much! I’m SO SORRY that I don’t actually remember this. My husband did all the math to piece this together and it was like a jigsaw puzzle but worked perfectly.

    1. I can’t believe I didn’t put it in my post, but it’s 58 1/2″ wide by 49.75″ deep. Editing my post now to add this in so thank you for the little nudge! haha

  2. Great job!
    How do you keep your shoes from stinking up your closet? We just moved and I’m trying to figure out our hallway closet & shoe storage. Our shoes aren’t super smelly, but there is an odour when they are all grouped together. 🙂

    1. You know, that’s actually a great question. Oddly enough, we don’t have much of an issue of that in our closet, but it’s a problem in our daughter’s closet and we haven’t quite tackled it yet haha

  3. Great job! Also struggling with small closet here. I just started looking into this system and hoping it’ll work! Do the drawers pull out all the way? And if not, about how far out? Wondering if the drawer will fit in our space when it’s pulled out. Also, can you remove the drawer entirely? Easily? We have a small panel we’d have to access occasionally behind the drawers. Thank you!

    1. So I’m not sure what you mean by “all the way”, but they’re far enough where you can see the back of them! If you have an Ikea close to you, they’ve got it on display which may help depending on what you’ve got in mind.

  4. wow! first of all, this is tiny! but you totally made it work and thank goodness for sharing. I love that you switched out the handles too. 🙂 goodluck sharing this space

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