The Best White Paint For Trim

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You’ve finally decided on a wall color and poof – something about your trim looks off. If you’re looking for the right white paint color for trim, this list will give you a great starting point!

Paint Colors:

5 Best White Paint Colors for Trim

“Can’t I just choose a white?” I remember a friend asking me one time.

And I did it. I didn’t mean to, but I did. I laughed in her face.

Because the answer is NO. NO you can’t.

Also, depending on your home, its natural light, whether it’s north facing, has 2 stories, et friggin cetera, it will look different.

However, these whites for trim that I’m about to share with you are typically fail safes and at least a good place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to just choose a clean, white paint!

The Best White Paints For Trim

01. Benjamin Moore Simply White

Benjamin Moore Simply White trim with greige walls
via Kylie M. Interiors

Benjamin Moore Simply White is best in rooms with plenty of natural light or maybe a room that has been painted previously. This paint gives the best results when applied over an ivory, beige, or cooler white base color.

02. Sherwin Williams Extra White

tan couches and white Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls with a modern farmhouse feel

Sherwin Williams Extra White paint is what we have on all of our trim in our house. Up against our Sherwin Williams Alabaster walls, you can tell there’s a difference, but it still looks like a clean, bright white.

SW white upper cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn lower kitchen cabinets

We also painted our upper kitchen cabinets with Sherwin Williams Extra White and it feels way more of a stark white as a color when you use it elsewhere other than trim.

It has a subtle sheen that creates a glow from any angle while also maintaining a true white hue. At 45%, the pigment ratio is a bit higher than that of other options.

Skrrrrt. Wait just a minute.

What is a paint pigment ratio?

A paint pigment ratio is a bit different than the LRV which I talked about when I was sharing all about us using Sherwin Williams Alabaster in nearly every room in our house.

The paint pigment ratio is the proportion of pigment in a particular color. It’s best to have a high pigment ratio for best coverage and best quality when using this type of paint for your trim work.

When comparing best white paint for trim, don’t forget to consider gloss level as well.

03. Benjamin Moore Super White

Benjamin Moore super white trim and walls with super dark floors
via Home Bunch

Benjamin Moore Super White is best used as a trim paint rather than on the walls of a room within your home, BUT as you can see from the photo above, it can work! It looks super crisp and clean.

Benjamin Moore Super White is slightly lighter in color than Sherwin Williams Extra White. However, it still offers subtle sheen with great coverage that will look best on your trim.

04. Sherwin Williams Pure White

guest room with white wood floors and Sherwin Williams Pure White walls

Sherwin Williams Pure White is what we used in our flip house on the walls, the trim, and the doors.

This is a great color to use, especially if you have black or dark furniture or are looking to make a darker room lighter.

dining nook with black table and wood chairs

You can see how great it looks here up against our black dining table and darker wood chairs.

It will show the best contrast and blend in really well. Pure White will best draw the eye to your trim and create a more modern feel to your home.

05. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace wood accent wall with wood console table in front of it
via Making Home Pretty

Somewhat the “opposite” of Sherwin Williams Pure White, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is best suited for a light-colored room with light-colored, neutral furnishings. It best blends into a room that has hardwood or natural wood floors and furniture that best compliments the color of this paint.

Remember when you are choosing white paint for trim that you still need to test it, just like you would any other wall paint color. Paint a sample and sit with it a few days in different lights to make sure it’s what you want.

Also, paint colors you see in any graphic like the one I made above will NEVER be true to color.

Put your booty in a car or other mode of transportation and take yourself to a store. It’s the only way to know what color will work best for YOU in YOUR home.

Best of luck out there, fam. There’s entirely too many whites.

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