Our First Flip: Meet Beverly!

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Sharing some before photos of our first flip property. Follow along as we flip this house. Cheers to the good, bad, ugly, scary, and hopefully profitable at the end of all of this!

white house with red door

Well, guys. Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief and simultaneously clenched your entire body so tight you felt like you were in some muscle man competition?

bodybuilder with disappearing head

Yup. That’s me. Hiding behind my huge pecs.

But here we are – we have our first flip property.

Meet Beverly

Keep scrolling to see a video walk through at the end of the post!

white house with red door

Or Bev for short. We call her that because it’s the street name she’s on and because it was already a chick’s name, we went with it.

I’m not sure what real estate is like where you live, but in South Carolina where we are (about 25 minutes south of Charlotte, NC) it is INSANE. Stuff FLIES off the market. Sometimes before it even hits the actual market.

When I say Jordan has been looking for a house to flip for the better part of 2 years, I’m really not exaggerating.

But we also were not willing to compromise and just buy a flip property because it was cheap and may have a good ROI.

Enter Bev.

white house with red door

She’s in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Rock Hill (besides our own obvi) and she’s a perfect starter home – for both a flipper and a buyer.

But I know why you’re here, right? You want to see inside.

You sure?

Okay, I’m here for you. But first –

Beverly Specs

closeup view of small front porch entrance with red door

Keeping in line with our wrestling theme that I didn’t mean to use but here we are, “And in this corner, coming in at just under 1100 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths is BEVERLYYYYYYY.” (Said in my best wrestling ring announcer voice)

This struggling front porch. Bless its heart.

Random bricks, a soda can that’s currently hidden in this photo, peeling and busted up porch railing, and in need of some serious love. This front porch is little, but I think she will be cute once we get our hands up on her.

Beverly Inside

interior home framing with white china cabinet

*screams internally*

Yep. This is it. This is what your eyes see when you first walk in the door.

Can you imagine Jordan wanted to buy a house like this for US TO LIVE IN with a barely 3 year old Charlotte when we first moved here.

Absolutely not.

I do have to say – I’m very glad he’s a visionary because when I see this, I see overwhelm. He sees the entire finished space, including finishes and paint colors. It’s crazy how different our brains work, but in instances like this I’m thankful.

The Kitchen

kitchen gutted down to the studs

So, the space you see when you first walk to the left is the kitchen.

The plan is to run it from the fireplace to where that white china cabinet thing is. We are bumping the wall back a bit to give some more room for cabinets all along the back wall with an island.

The Dining Nook

interior doors leaning up against a window and no drywall

This space will be a tiny little dining nook.

interior doors leaning up against a window and no drywall

These doors are actually original to the house and we’re going to save them and use them!

Maybe a little DIY tutorial coming your way on how to refinish old doors? WHO KNOWS?!

The Fireplace

white brick fireplace

We talked about taking it out altogether because it’s just wonky and weird and we thought we could really use the space, BUT ultimately to keep costs low, we decided to keep it.

I think it’ll be a great feature for a sweet little first time home buyer.

The Living Area

interior home framing

Sheesh. Hard to see it, right? This will be the wall you see in the living room when you first walk in the door.

interior home framing with white brick fireplace

At this angle, you can kind of see how the fireplace divides the kitchen area from the living area, but it’s still a huge open concept.

bedroom with no drywall and 2 windows

If you put your back up against the fireplace, this is the opposite wall you see. Great natural lighting! Just needs like …. you know ..,. walls and stuff.

Guest Bedroom

bedroom gutted down to the studs with 2 hanging lights

You can currently see the guest bedroom as you’re standing at the front door because, again, no walls and such. Not too much to write home about here yet, but it’s here.

The Guest Bathroom

bathroom gutted down to the studs

This sits behind the fireplace and you can see that the guest bedroom is to the right in this picture.

It’s small, but it means we can use higher end finishes because the space is smaller and we know it will be a great return on investment.

The Owner’s Suite

white corner china cabinet

Okay, so this one you’ll have to just go with me here because you see that pile of stuff?

There is no FLOOR underneath it and I wasn’t trying to get my pregnant self down into a pit I couldn’t get out of.

But behind that white china cabinet thing is a large area that will become the walk in closet, owner’s bedroom, and bathroom ensuite.

We’re also going to (hopefully) add a pocket door that leads into the mud room/laundry room.

Laundry Room/Mud Room

white china cabinet with single window and no drywall

Again, go with me here. This will be walled off from the kitchen. The window is going to turn into a side door that will lead into the backyard. And we will add a washer and dryer in here and a small mudroom area.

We are going to take some cues off of our laundry room that we made over a couple years ago, just smaller.

side home entrace with red door and green trash can

There is currently a door and set of stairs here that would lead you directly into the laundry/mudroom, but we are going to relocate that to the side.

So there you have it! Our first flip.

I’m scared. And also low key salty that because of the timing of this, this probably means we won’t get to be redoing our kitchen this year like I had planned and dreamed and hoped for.

But instead, I’m focusing on the good and the fact that hopefully we will be snuggling a new little girl right around the time Jordan will be snuggling his other baby before she hits the market.

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If you’re more of a video person and want to get a better feel for the layout, here’s a super quick 1 minute walkthrough that may help give you a sense of the flow of the house!

Follow along with our first flip property journey graphic

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