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Beverly Bathrooms Reveal

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Sharing the final look of our small bathroom designs at Beverly and they’re show stoppers!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.

I seriously can’t wait to reveal this entire flip house with you guys, especially after going back and looking at before photos, but because I’m savage, I’m only going to reveal the bathrooms today because I love how they turned out!

  • Floor and Decor Black and white Bathroom Mood Board
  • Floor and Decor white modern Bathroom Mood Board

In case you missed it, I shared a lot of small bathroom tile ideas from Floor and Decor because we knew going into this that we’d have to make 2 bathrooms in an 1100 square foot house feel luxurious even though the square footage was lacking.

Guest Bathroom Design Reveal

bathroom gutted down to the studs

In our full before tour of Beverly, you could see what we were working with when it came to space in our guest bathroom.

  • white tub insert in bathroom renovation with no drywall
  • bathtub with purple drywall

Then a couple months later, we finally had drywall up after what felt like a year. Seeing drywall gave me a bit more ease at being able to understand how the bathroom itself would be laid out.

Are you ready to see what we turned it into?

black and white patterned tile with wood vanity

Holy moly. I seriously can’t believe it’s the same space.

The black and white color scheme in this tiny bathroom was a good choice.

When you working with small spaces, especially in a bathroom like this with no natural light, it’s a good idea to keep it super simple and timeless.

black and white patterned tile and white subway tile in a small bathroom with black shower fixtures

Subway tile can feel super played out, but when you pair it with black and white patterned tile like this, it can spice it up a bit and the subway tile makes the room feel new and fresh.

If you’ve been around a while, this may feel very similar to our own guest bathroom we redid in our house a few years ago.

We realized after living with it for several years that it still feels super luxurious even with crazy toys strewn about and (now) 2 and a half year old boy pee alllllll over the floor.

Tying in the subway tile and the patterned tile with this mid-size black hex tile is simply *chef’s kiss*.

You can tell that the dust is LITERALLY still settling on this flip because of the white in the grout. We actually used black grout, but because of the quick pace in which we finished this house to get it listed on the market, you can see some white drywall dust in the cracks.

OH WELL. Life isn’t perfect and neither are we. It’s what makes us unique and human, right?!

(Just humor me at least.)

Oop! What’s that I see? A lil’ subway tile peeking into the mirror over the bathroom vanity. Hey thereeeee!

We toyed with the idea of doing a simple pedestal sink in here, but the fact is that in a house that’s this size with only 2 bathrooms, you need storage space which is why we went with a whitewashed wood vanity and black hardware.

I’m not going to be sharing full sources here yet since I’m working on rounding all of those up, but if you want to see those, make sure you’re on the email list so that you can get notified when that post goes live!

whitewashed wood vanity with black hardware and black mirror

Totally random reason why I took this picture: To showcase the placement of a toilet roll holder.

When designing this house, we really tried to imagine actually living there, not just making it pretty.

There is nothing I hate more than going to a house and the toilet paper holder is either 15 feet behind me and I gotta do a weird waddle walk to get some or is at some weird angle that I have to either lean forward or contort my body like I’m in a circus sideshow act.

NOW IS NOT THE TIME. Just give the people what they need.

black round mirror with black pendant light and black sink fixtures

We also took a somewhat calculated risk and instead of doing mounted sconces on the side of the mirror, we chose to add a pendant light in here.

I’m very pleased with how that ended up!

Primary Bathroom Design Reveal

interior home framing and black trash bags

Ha. This is what we had for our “before” photo of this bathroom.

CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?! Jordan was able to see a vision of what he wanted this to be, little interior designer minded fella he is.

My vision? That all these bags were filled with rat carcasses and diapers.

  • drywall installed in bathroom with empty space for toilet
  • drywall in primary main bathroom of house new construction
  • drywall in primary main bathroom of house new construction

Getting drywall up helped a little.

But seriously, only a little.

But now?

I know you can’t see me, but I’m for real shedding happy tears.

The floor to ceiling beveled white subway tile coupled with the marble look floor tiles and the penny tiles in the shower pan make this room feel bigger. SO MUCH bigger.

The truth about this bathroom is that we couldn’t decide between a glass shower door or a shower curtain so we decided to leave that to the imagination of the buyer.


Because our goal in this house was to finish it about 90% of the way, but also leave room for the new owner of the home to come in and make their changes and add their own finishing touches to fit their lifestyle.

I love this angle of the Floor and Decor tile because it shows how seamlessly this bathroom flows.

From the marble look floor, to the marble look penny tile to the beveled wall tile with the grey grout that matches the veining in the marble.

I think it’s safe to say that you won’t find a bathroom we do that doesn’t have a shower niche in it.

When we say we want to use every inch of space wisely, we mean it. Floor space, wall space, all of it.

You may not find things like a medicine cabinet in a bathroom since those are a personal preference, but a shower niche? Put some money on that bet, my friend.

closeup of white beveled subway tile with gray grout

It’s super hard to capture the texture of this tile even close up, but I can promise you that photos don’t do it justice.

It’s STUNNING. As in I’m already thinking of where we can use tile like this in our house.

whitewashed wood vanity with black fixtures and black handles

We used the same whitewashed wood vanity that was in the guest bathroom for a cohesive design, again with black fixtures.

However, this time, we chose to mount sconces on the side of the mirrors since this was a double vanity and a large black mirror.

If you too are working with a small bathroom design, I seriously hope that this has inspired you.

Dark colors don’t have to make your bathroom design feel smaller, even if there’s no windows in there!

black barn door with white and wood sitting chair in bedroom and light wood floors looking into a primary bathroom

OH! And because I love you and want to force you to come back for the full reveal, here’s a shot of what the bathroom looks like from the primary bedroom.

I promise I’m editing those photos as we speak so that reveal can come SO SOON! WOO HOO!

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  1. So nice to have you back! Both bathrooms are so lovely, and they look “clean”. I very much like the vanities and their, um, “rustic” look. I am here sweatin’ to the oldies (in Palm Springs) and wondering why no one else seems to have a good sense of humor. When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Just wondering…

  2. Uh, every single detail is perfect! Give me a classic space with a little dash of spicy and I’m forever sold!.

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