2022 Color of the Year: Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

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Inside: Sherwin Williams chose Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) as its 2022 Color of the Year. Learn all about this color, undertones, and how you can use this stunning color in your home


Sherwin Williams 2022 Color of the Year: Evergreen Fog

I am not saying this is the reason, but when I saw the choice for the 2022 Sherwin Williams Color of the Year, I had one thought – plant parents.

For whatever reason, there’s been a considerable increase since the Harry Houdini panini of people taking care of plants.

Regardless of the reason, I’m digging this shade of green. So let’s explore it a bit more, shall we?

bedroom with Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog accent wall
via Sherwin Williams

What color is Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog?

You know I love a good chameleon color, and Sherwin Williams Evergreen does not disappoint. Chameleon colors tend to take cues off of other colors near it to display differently in different areas.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog (SW 9122) is a mid-tone green color, with just a whisper of grey.

This color will also vary in its richness depending on your natural light (as always). But this is what makes this color so versatile – in rooms with less natural light, it will be darker and more pigmented.

In rooms with south-facing windows (which means they’ll get a ton of natural light for most of the day), this color will be lighter and show more of its undertones.

What undertones does Evergreen Fog have?

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog graphic

Although Evergreen Fog is technically a cool paint color (which means it has more blue/purple), its undertones are greige.

In rooms with less lighting, you’ll see more of the beige and cream undertones, but in areas that have a lot of natural light, you’ll see more grey.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog LRV

LRV is how much light the color will reflect on a sliding scale of 1 to 100.

what is LRV? what is light reflective value graphic

This graphic will hopefully help you understand it a little better. Essentially, the closer a number is to 0, the darker it is and the less light it will reflect.

The closer a number is to 100, the lighter it is and the more light it will reflect.

Evergreen Fog has an LRV of 30, which is how it can become such a statement in a room, yet still blend in and feel subtle. It’s an incredibly elegant color that can be used to make a room feel more sophisticated.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog Coordinating Colors

Because of its chameleon nature, there are some great options for coordinating colors for Evergreen Fog.

According to Sherwin Williams, they recommend using Neutral Ground (SW 7568), Dried Edamame (SW 9122), and Ethereal White (SW 6182).

However, I always like throwing in my two cents. Here are my favorite pairings:

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog coordinating colors graphic

1. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (SW 7015)

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is one of those cooler grays that’s dang near a perfect gray. I think that if you’re going with Evergreen Fog on something like cabinets or even just one feature wall, painting the room in Repose Gray would be an excellent option for coordinating.

2. Sherwin Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)

white nursery dresser with rainbow art above

Precisely why we chose to paint Alabaster on nearly every wall in our house, Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a warm neutral white color that would be perfect to pair with the Evergreen Fog even though it’s a bit of a warmer white.

3. Sherwin Williams Gracious Rose (SW 6317)

If you’re looking for an equally elegant, more feminine color to pair with Evergreen Fog, then I’d recommend the light rose color Gracious Rose by Sherwin Williams. This color has sweet pink undertones that would pair great in a shared sibling space.

4. Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige (SW 7036)

This one comes with a caveat – I would make sure that if you’re going to use both Evergreen Fog and Accessible Beige in the same room that you have great natural light.

Since Accessible Beige can be a darker color, using it with Evergreen Fog could potentially make the room too dark.

Evergreen Fog in Real Spaces





bathroom vanity painted Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog and colorful bold shower curtain
via @louisedejarnette
white walls in bathroom with ceiling painted with Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
via Probably This

Trim Color Choices for Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

info fluff

Sherwin Williams Extra White:

Ikea Latt table hack painted navy with Gold Rub n Buff legs and clear acrylic containers holding pencils, crayons, and markers

In our own home, all of our trim is Sherwin Williams Extra White. Extra White is also the color of our upper kitchen cabinets as well. This white is a very bright white, but doesn’t feel too cool or sterile.

Sherwin Williams Pure White:

black sconce with white cover and black frame mirror in bathroom

In our first flip house, we used Sherwin Williams Pure White on the walls and trim and it’s stunning.

It feels very white and pure, but it also has a warmer undertone than Extra White and still feels really white and clean.

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog Equivalents In Other Popular Brands

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Of course, these aren’t going to be exact matches. You should always check a paint color in person and your home before you take the plunge.

Also if you’re not ready to commit to painting on the wall, try Samplize!

It’s just a super cool service where you can purchase large paint samples that work like peel and stick wallpaper.

By looking at a million paint samples myself, here’s what I can see would be a great equivalent to Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog.

Benjamin Moore Equivalent to Evergreen Fog

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog SW 9122 Benjamin Moore equivalent

My choice for this is Storm Cloud Gray. It has a bit of a lower LRV at 27.85, but the undertones and pigments are very similar.

Behr Equivalent to Evergreen Fog

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog SW 9122 Behr equivalent

Although the color is a bit lighter with an LRV of 35, Behr Nature’s Gift when comparing the paint chips side by side seems to match up.

Final Thoughts

Very rarely am I disappointed in the Sherwin Williams Color of the year. Last year they nailed it with Urbane Bronze, and for 2022, I see that Evergreen Fog will be a color that we’ll see everywhere.

rattan daybed from World Market with a grid feature wall painted Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog
via @jensgatheringnest

Regardless of where you use this versatile color, try pairing it with natural elements (like white oak or rattan), gold or matte black accents.

It’s a color you can use in bedrooms, living rooms, accent walls, or even on cabinets, which has my interest since we are hopefully starting our kitchen renovation soon. I feel like if I keep talking about it and putting it out in the universe, it will happen.

The 2022 color of the year, Evergreen Fog, is a versatile and relaxing green-gray tone. It’s tranquil, delicate, and lovely and goes great with a minimalist design aesthetic.

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  1. Hi! I love this post and also loved this color when it was announced! I’m thinking of using this with the white, and Edgecomb Gray

  2. Great review! Does evergreen fog go with BM edgecomb grey and white dove? Thinking if using it as an accent color with these colors.

    1. Thank you! I think BM White Dove is a great accent color because of its warm undertones! Edgecomb Grey would totally depend on lighting (both natural and your light sources and which way your windows are facing!)

  3. Which trim color will compliment Evergreen Fog on the exterior of our home. We have natural wood columns front and back. should the trim color compliment both?

    1. Depending on your lighting, I would say yes but it’s also a lot of personal preference too!

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