Behr Color of the Year 2023: Blank Canvas

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There is a reason why Behr chose its color of the year as a gorgeous, calming creamy white paint color – Blank Canvas. Come learn all about this color and see it showcased in real spaces.


Behr Blank Canvas

Behr just released its limited designer color palette with only 35 colors that are great for all interior designers and homeowners alike.

It’s made of soft neutral colors and a few bold color options that work great for accent walls or pieces of furniture.

One of its colors was Behr Blank Canvas which actually was chosen as Behr’s color of the year for 2023 and I LOVE it! And I’m gonna make you love it too!

What Color is Behr Blank Canvas?

Blank Canvas feels like a very timeless creamy white paint color that would work in any room, in any lighting situation.

behr blank canvas in entryway with wood door and side table
Behr Blank Canvas entryway via Behr

You definitely will want to see this on your walls in your specific space.

I really do love Samplize, but the issue is they don’t have peel and stick samples for Behr. They only carry it for Sherwin Williams, Ben Moore, PPG and Farrow and Ball.

However, you can always get a small sample at Home Depot to try out this color in your own home!

What Undertones Does Behr Blank Canvas Have?

behr blank canvas graphic

Behr Blank Canvas has creamy undertones, with a tiny hint of yellow.

Don’t let the yellow scare you away, though! This is still a gorgeous and very neutral white paint color that feels soft and warm.

Blank Canvas LRV

Blank Canvas has an LRV of 84. Anything that is above 80 is considered a “white” paint color, regardless of undertones which means Blank Canvas can be included in the list of white paints.

The LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, of a paint color is on a sliding scale of 1 to 100.

The closer a color is to 0, the closer it is to black which means it won’t reflect light well or at all.

The close a color is to 100, the closer it is to white which means it will reflect light very well.

what is LRV? what is light reflective value graphic

I made this (super non professional) graphic to hopefully help you understand if you’re more of a visual learner.

Blank Canvas Coordinating Colors

behr blank canvas coordinating colors

Behr Very Navy

If you’re more familiar with SW or BM colors, think of this as a color comparable to BM Hale Navy or SW Naval. Using navy is never a bad thing in my mind.

Behr California Coral

This color is the sweetest coral paint color and I could totally seeing this work in a little girl’s nursery or even a room that you just want to bring a little extra love and color to!

Behr Juniper Berries

I fell in love with Juniper Berries when I came across it whilst daydreaming about a beach house and talked about some of my favorite beach color palettes that aren’t tacky or just yellow and blue. It’s similar to some colors I found looking at those beach colors!

Behr Blank Canvas in Real Spaces


behr blank canvas bedroom
Behr Blank Canvas bedroom via Paint Color Project
behr blank canvas walls in bedroom with wood accent wall behind bed
Behr Blank Canvas bedroom via Linda Merrill

Living Room

behr blank canvas living room with white sofa and wood oval coffee table
Behr Blank Canvas living room via Behr


Exterior Patio

behr blank canvas on exterior feature wall with egg chair couch
Behr Blank Canvas exterior via House Beautiful

Trim Color Choice for Blank Canvas

In our house and in our flip house designs, we really like using the same paint color on walls and trim just in different sheens, but if you are looking to change things up, here are my go to trim colors from Behr.

Ultra Pure White

This is very comparable to the trim color we have currently in our own home, Sherwin Williams Extra White.

SW Extra White is also the color of our old upper kitchen cabinets as well. This comparable white by Behr is a very bright white, and it looks great for trim!

Blank Canvas Equivalents In Other Popular Brands

Sherwin Williams Equivalent to Blank Canvas

behr blank canvas sherwin williams equivalent graphic

Color matching paint colors, especially when you cross brands are never going to be exact. Each brand has its own special nuanced formulas for creating colors.

Strictly looking at the Sherwin Williams paint deck fan, the closest match seems to be Sherwin Williams Alabaster, but I would consider these to be color cousins, not color siblings.

Benjamin Moore Equivalent to Blank Canvas

behr blank canvas benjamin moore equivalent graphic

On Behr’s site, it states that Behr Blank Canvas is a great equivalent for Benjamin Moore White Dove, which is an incredibly popular creamy white paint color.

Final Thoughts

I think Behr Blank Canvas is a great choice for color of the year. It means that it’s going to become more popular and hopefully it will be seen in a lot of spaces because it really is a gorgeous top contender for some of the best white paint colors!

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