6 Earthy Bedrooms For Cozy Vibes

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Bringing nature into your bedroom is a great way for a calming space. Come see these amazing cozy earthy bedrooms you’ll love

black accent wall with leather pillows and greenery in earthy bedroom


Earthy Bedroom Ideas

Maybe I should outline my entire process for designing a room start to finish, but it usually either starts with one item that sparks my interest (like it did with the girls’ room) or it starts with how I want the room to feel, which is the case with our primary bedroom.

We have done absolutely nothing to our bedroom since moving in aside from paint since we moved in.

peacock teal vanity with Benjamin Moore Gray Owl walls and wood mirror

Yes we have done a very cheap phase one primary bathroom renovation, but that’s not our actual bedroom.

men's shirts hanging in the Ikea AURDAL closet

Okay, and we did our primary closet, but still – not our actual bedroom.

I love designing spaces for our kiddos, but I wanted our bedroom to feel different.

Adult, even.

I have been looking at earthy bedrooms, their colors and textures and I’m here sharing all the goods with you from some of the best ones I’ve found on the internet.

Tips To Create a Warm, Earthy Bedroom

Incorporate Wood Furniture with Neutral Tones

earthy bedroom with white walls and wood tones
Wood tones in earthy bedroom via Coaster Furniture

This modern bedroom demonstrates how to combine several sturdy dark wood pieces of furniture with earthy neutral shades to create a tranquil, welcoming oasis.

Pale off-white rug and bedding tone down the richness of the wood, while dark throw pillows and blankets add pops of dark neutrals for contrast.

A well-placed rattan ottoman and varying green plants add the final boho to tie the earthy bedroom design together.

Combine Greenery with Bold Earth Tones

black accent wall with leather pillows and greenery in earthy bedroom
Cozy primary bedroom via Little House of Four

We are very strongly considering doing a black accent wall in our primary bedroom, if not painting the entire room black.

Bringing in natural elements like leather and greenery still create a cozy and inviting space that I could spend allllll day in!

Overlay Ochre with Patterns and Off-Whites

earthy bedroom with striped ceiling and canopy bed
Earthy bedroom via LivingEtc

Ochre is a sophisticated shade that can create an impressive earthy aesthetic in your bedroom without adding too much color intensity.

This elegant shade of yellow has heavy brown undertones that give it hints of warm gold. But a little goes a long way, so I wouldn’t recommend splashing this shade throughout your room.

Instead, pair it with white or off-whites like ivory or cream to tone down the richness. If you’re looking for a white paint color for your walls in a bedroom like this, I would suggest something like Sherwin Williams Alabaster or the 2023 Behr Color of the Year.

Try a Taste of Taupe for True Earth Tones

bedroom with boho strings hanging behind the headboard
Earthy taupe bedroom via HOMMES Studio

Taupe is a made by mixing shades to create a color that falls between brown and gray.

When you put taupe next to green accents, the color turns cool and shows green hues buried in the shadows. But when taupe is next to red, it can transform into a dusty rose with interesting purple tints.

This magic neutral can be the perfect medium tone of wall color for boho, earthy bedrooms. Major doses of varying light-toned neutrals paired with a few pops of vibrant purple, driftwood accents, and metallics create a dreamy serenity that’s perfect for a bedroom.

Put On Some Pretty Pastel Terracotta Peach

boho bedroom with wood canopy bed and greenery on the headboard area
Boho earthy bedroom via Kimberly Wynn

Pale pastels can make really great earthy-toned bedrooms with warm hues and soft shadows.

Terracotta may not be the first color that comes to your mind when you think of earthy bedrooms, but after this, it might be at the top of your list.

Terracotta is a mix of pink, orange, and peach that can add a festive feminine nuance to your cozy bedroom (yup, even if you’re sharing the bedroom with a dude, ha!)

It pairs perfectly with creams, rich reds, tans, and oranges. Fill your room with varying green plants and some trailing vines, and add a soft yellow for contrast. Gold accents can add some modern glam touches.

Go with Dark Accents and Pattern Prints

wood wall behind dark gray upholstered bed with open shelves above headboard
Wood wall in earthy bedroom via Square Inch Home

You can incorporate dark earthy tones into your bedroom design if you want something more dramatic and modern, which is way more our style over here.

How simple is this bedroom with a gray textured blanket tossed over neutral cream and white bedding? The boho print afghan in black and white ties the colors together while adding visual interest. And the dark throw pillows in unexpected shades like mustard yellow, rust orange, and rich green add modern touches to contrast the black fabric channel upholstered headboard.

Rustic touches like exposed wood plank walls and open wood shelves displaying potted plants make your space warm and inviting.

The easy part is getting inspiration for a cozy bedroom space. The hard part is actually doing the work.

Le sigh. Off to work I go, I guess!

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