RH Paint Matched To Behr Paint Colors

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RH (formerly Restoration Hardware) used to make a line of paint, but have recently discontinued it. So I matched them to Behr paint colors so you can have the look of luxury for less!

glass interior building with chandeliers RH in Charlotte, NC restaurant
via Charlotte Magazine

So not only is Jordan really awesome at building things for our house like our RH inspired dining room table and even these simple wood shelves in our $100 pantry makeover, but he has a full time job overseeing building maintenance at RH.

Sounds cooler than it is, for the most part. We can talk about that later if you’re interested.

Does RH (Restoration Hardware) still sell paint?

When Restoration Hardware rebranded to RH, they got rid of a lot of things they used to carry and completely changed their business model.

The business model of charging over $10k for a couch still exists, but they cut out a lot of little things.

RH paint color fan

Including their paint line.

Just like with Magnolia paint colors, what I like about Restoration Hardware paint colors is that their selection is quite small so it seems less overwhelming.

RH paint color fan

I tried to separate it out to show you, but as you can see, the paint fan is super small, but the handful of colors in the back are repeats of other colors, but they’re just available in a different sheen – subtle velvet finish vs. low gloss finish.

RH paint color fan

What do you notice about these paint colors?

There are no purples, no reds, no oranges. Nada.

RH’s brand is very bland. It’s not super colorful in any way. It’s definitely a specific interior design aesthetic, but they do have some stunning pieces (that I’m not sure if we could ever afford).

I decided because I just genuinely love you guys so much that I would do my best to try and get close color matches to Behr paint.

RH and Behr paint color fan

Do you see how much bigger this Behr color fan is though?

This should give you some insight into HOW FRIGGIN’ LONG it took me to match up these colors and make this post for you.

Labor of love, I tell ya.

RH paint color fan

Just a little FYI, seeing colors in a photo, especially in a graphic where you’re working with hex codes instead of the codes the computers use to mix up the paint.

Depending on your screen resolution and depending on MANY OTHER FACTORS, these colors may not be exact but they were as close as I could come.

I did not compare these colors online. I sat in natural light and under bright lights in our kitchen to compare these in person with the paint deck fans.

As always, you will want to see these samples in person and even more specifically, on the wall in your home where you’re thinking of adding them!

RH Paint Colors Matched to Behr Paint Colors

RH blue and green paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

Blues and Greens

For reference in case you can’t tell from the graphic above, the colors on the left are from RH. The colors on the right are from Behr.

01. Seafoam – Solemn Silence

02. Atmosphere Blue – Light Drizzle

03. Shore – Ombre Blue

04. Dusk – Blueprint

RH blue and green paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

05. Pale Silver – Silver Feather

06. Light Silver Sage – Watery

07. Silver Sage – Weathered Moss

08. Sea Green – Nature’s Gift

RH blue and green paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

09. Blue Sage – In The Moment

10. Eucalyptus – Light Granite

11. Sycamore Green – Feng Shui

12. Bay Laurel – Jojoba

13. Spanish Moss – Eucalyptus Wreath


RH grey paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

01. Pumice – Sterling

*02. Gravel – Case in point of my example of comparing paint samples in person versus online. This color looks like Behr Solemn Silence online, but in person it is actually way closer to Behr Chance of Rain

03. Flint – Pencil Point

*04. Charcoal – This looks like Behr Flint Gray online, but in person is closer to Behr Antique Tin

Neutrals and Browns

RH neutral and brown paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

01. Latte – Baja

*02. Cappuccino – Looks like Behr Pearly White online, but in person is actually closer to Behr Riviera Beach

03. Flax – Light Truffle

04. Chocolate – Dark Truffle

05. Sand Dollar – Smoky White

RH neutral and brown paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

06. Ash – Aged Beige

07. Stone – Wheat Bread

08. Graphite – Fashion Gray

09. Slate – Iron Gate

10. Obsidian – Satin Black


RH yellow paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

01. Buttermilk – Spun Cotton

02. Butter Cream – Glass of Milk

03. Butter – Pale Honey

04. Saffron – Royal Gold


RH white paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

01. The Right White – Papier Blanc

02. Mediterranean White – Ivory Lace

03. Cloud White – Off White

04. Linen – Antique White

Ta da!

That’s it!

I thought about comparing these to Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint colors, but I went with Behr because the truth is that Behr is more easily accessible and budget friendly.

Behr ultra paint and primer in one

We used Behr paint in our small master closet makeover and absolutely love the coverage and finish of it and it’s a fraction of the cost of Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Also, spoiler alert – even though we have Sherwin Williams Alabaster on just about every wall in our house, we have never stepped foot in a Sherwin Williams store to buy paint.

Yeah, okay so we’ve been in there, but honestly, we have never spent a dime there! We color match!

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RH paint colors matched to Behr paint graphic

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  1. Thank you for this! I’m trying to find the Charcoal color in a Sherwin Williams match. Do you have any suggestions on how to do that?

  2. I like your article and possible matches but “close” in paints doesn’t work, give us a productive substantive solution! Perhaps take the RH color to Home Depot and have them exact color match, then give us the actual formula for the pigments HD would use.✅

    1. For what it’s worth, according to my husband who worked there for almost 2 years, he said all their paint is closest to a matte sheen. But it’s super hard to keep clean, but easy to touch up.

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