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Our Plans for 2022


Ha. Ha. Ha.

Even saying the word now just makes me feel silly.

The past 2 years have shown us that our plans can completely go to hell in a handbasket when the world decides to throw alllll the things at us.

However, here I am, still dreaming big. We still shouldn’t stop dreaming even if those dreams are squashed like a gnat flying around in the picnic of life.

But first, how did we do on our last year’s home plans?

Home Plans 2021 Recap

Shared Girls Room

shared girls room with floral and hunter green feature wall with white metal crib and vintage woven headboard

We completed this shared girls room and dare I say, we nailed it. I’m so happy with how it turned out. And even more happy about the new little family member who gets to spend time in this room.


World Market rattan daybed with navy, yellow and turquoise pillows

We did this one too and again, I’m very pleased with how this little neutral, trying-to-be-boho playroom turned out.

It honestly didn’t take us nearly as long as I thought it would and we got some great projects out of it.

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stairwell with SW agreeable gray and SW alabaster

Ha. Yeah, no. These look exactly like this still except we have a bit of Christmas decor piled on there that needs to be taken upstairs but the laziness is strong with me at the moment.

SW white upper cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn lower kitchen cabinets

This one hurt a lot. I was really hoping that 2021 would be our year. But instead we flipped our first house unexpectedly.

Which was cool I guess except getting to see a brand new beautiful kitchen come alive in someone else’s house and not mine was a hard, jagged, big ol’ unfun pill to swallow.

BUT Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise *this* really, really will be our year.

So let’s hop in to things I’m hoping to get done this year!

Home Plans 2022

Kitchen Renovation

SW white upper cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn lower kitchen cabinets

Yeah, no, not deja vu.

We are trying (again) to make sure we get a kitchen.

I sure hope it happens because I just can’t do this anymore. Open studs, nasty multi-layered laminate floors and a horrible layout.

Please send any and all thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, whatever.

Josiah’s Room

gender neutral nursery for boy design with sherwin williams agreeable gray walls

Admittedly, his room doesn’t look like this anymore.

He has Charlotte’s daybed that was in her room before we redid the girls’ room, but other than that, it looks exactly the same.

The boy needs a space of his own, but there’s something about toddler boy rooms that paralyze me.

They’re either riddled with tacky characters or they’re just SO cool that they’re unattainable. Ugh.


stairwell with SW agreeable gray and SW alabaster

Ha! Deja vu again!

These steps are right off of our kitchen. That means we have to redo these bad boys so that they….don’t look like this anymore.

Flip House

exterior of flip house

If you haven’t heard by now, we bought our second investment property.

I’m still recovering from the overwhelm I felt with Beverly even though it turned out incredible.

I gave a tour of our second investment property who we have lovingly named Archie. If you missed it, make sure to check that out. But like I said in that post, if this house stands in the way of me getting a new kitchen this year so help me god.

Whew. I feel like we have a lot to accomplish next year and it’s only a few days in.

Honestly, if nothing else gets done if I can just finish off the end of this year with a new space to entertain (no one), then I will be one of the happiest people alive.

Wish us luck and make sure to stay in touch either on Instagram or in our email family. For what it’s worth, I let the email people in on a lot of secrets nobody else will know and I’m not obnoxious trying to sell you something every 3 days.

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