2018: A Year In Review

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Looking back to review the year of 2018 to see what projects we were able to complete and which ones we still have yet to do.

Well, howdy! (I’m trying to find a new catch phrase in 2019. Did that one work or fall flat? Kidding, kinda.) I have already talked a little about my feelings about 2018 a bit here. I also even talked about what your favorite project was, what mine was, and what my least favorite was.

Here, I want to discuss the projects we had planned for 2018 and how we measured up. You can’t move on until you deal with the past. Or something, right? Am I therapist yet?

In case you weren’t around a year ago which you most likely weren’t, I talked about 5 projects we were aiming to get done in 2018. Let’s talk about them for a minute, in no particular order, and discuss where we are.

1. Windows and Doors

I wanted to have the doors and windows painted in 2018. So, I would consider this half accomplished. We absolutely painted our doors. This is what we were working with at the beginning of the year:

Can you tell this is before I took Rachel from Maison de Pax‘s photography course? It’s kinda fun to see how far I’ve come even tho I’m nowhere near magazine worthy. We painted our doors kind of one room at a time and while the ones downstairs are complete, we still have a couple upstairs to finish. Let’s just say the upstairs is BASICALLY untouched. More on that later. Here’s where we at the moment:

We haven’t even thought about painting our windows at this point because it just hasn’t been a priority. I would call this goal we had last year about 70% done.

2. Shiplap Wall Revamp

Last year, we were working with this:

I talked about wanting a console table and I wanted a new clock here. While I still haven’t figured out how to style this table really the way I want to, I would consider this done. We went from the picture above first to this:

Then to this around mid-summer:

And then this at Christmas:

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Well, y’all, I think I would consider this 100% done! Wait, 99%. We still don’t have baseboard on this entire wall yet.

3. Office/Playroom Area

Ha. Ha. Ha. This is that upstairs that I was talking about that has remained untouched. Barely cleaned if you want to know the God’s honest truth. We did paint the playroom and we added trim in the office (and I took these pictures before we even did that). But other than that, we’re a pretty blank slate in both of these.

This was around the beginning of 2018:

Then we got here about halfway through the year when I realized our bathroom would not be done anytime soon and so I stopped working on any extra projects to throw efforts in that direction:

Notice anything in these pictures? Oh yeah ….

4. Molding and Trim

I said last year that I wanted to finish all our molding and trim. Clearly, CLEARLY we have not. We’ve done a lot, I will say. Because in our “garage” AKA workshop AKA where you put all your crap when you don’t actually have a garage, we’ve definitely lowered our pile, but it’s still only about 75% done. We’ve gone from this:

To this:

This will eventually become a guest suite and I really can’t wait to get my hands on it because this room is HUGE. I’m already planning the sitting area I will be able to add in here.

Extra points that accrue nowhere if you can guess whose size 13 footprint that is in the dust on those floors that I didn’t even sweep for you in the picture. I swept a couple times in this room. The dust kept coming back. I’m not falling for that trick again.

Last and DEFINITELY the least:

5. Guest Bathroom Renovation

To spare you the gory detail, just know that as I sit here right this second it is S.T.I.L.L not done. Yes. We started this in April of last year.

HOWEVER!!! The beautiful caveat here is I will say that it is 99% finished!!! I am getting SO ANTSY to share this with you all very, very soon. Until then, I’ll leave you with some before and progress photos!

As y’all can see, the ONLY project we finished 100%-ish was a measly little shiplap wall in our kitchen. BUT I will say that this was our first year actually setting house goals and considering our plans were halted for a little bit when our man man came home, I’m not mad about any of it.

Stay tuned because this time next week, I am going to be sharing our plans for 2019!

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