Feet Up Friday – September 2019

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

Here we are again for another monthly webisode of Feet Up Friday! It’s my chance to tell you all the goings on over here that may or may not be related to home decor and DIY and per usual, a chance for me to show you pics of the children.

ICYMI: Top posts this month!

School (Finally)

Since Char is only in pre-K her school didn’t start with the rest of America and she went back at the beginning of September. And of course, she had to try a matching headband on her brother and I must say, he looked stunning.

Rando Life Updates

As much as we didn’t want to financially, it was time to get pops a new truck. His was nearly dead and losing normal human features (like being able to open the door….seriously) daily. It’s not NEW, but it’s new to us. We are now a truck family.

It finally cooled down long enough (one day) for us to play outside for a bit during the day and lemme tell you who loved it. As seen above. Lemme tell you who didn’t. Ya girl.

Praise the one above it’s not 32 plastic cherries like last month, but he DID sneak a bag of hot dog buns and somehow open them out of the twist tie and take a bite out of every single one. Seriously, can NOT be trusted.

Small house projects

Okay, so, not small at all, BUT if you don’t know, this house has ELEVEN different types of flooring and we found a friggin’ STEAL on these floors (I can’t wait to dive into detail more) and started installing them. I’m IN LOVE and can’t wait to have them actually finished.

In the meantime, we will just use them for him to climb on (*eyeroll*) and laugh when people try to come to our front door and we have to tell them they can’t come in because it’s blocked with piles of flooring.

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge!!!!

I am SO PUMPED to be chosen as a finalist in this fall’s’ version of the Jeffrey Court renovation challenge! We are tackling our laundry room which hasn’t been touched in the two years we have lived here and is in desperate need. I’m excited but low key scared because we got a lot to cram in our 6 week timeline! STAY TUNED!!!


Our fam is currently “out of the office” for a week at the beach and we are soaking up our last few days so when this lil’ man wakes up from his morning nap, we are heading down to the beach! Wish us luck. “Tan almost everywhere. Sand almost everywhere.” (Props to you if you know what show that last line is adapted from).

Thanks for kicking your feet up with me this week!

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