The Easiest Way To Perfectly Painted French Doors

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Sharing my favorite trick with you how to paint french doors WITHOUT taping them off! This will save you so much time and headache. This trick would also be good if you’re trying to paint kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts.

Having friends in this blogging world is super important. Especially when that blogger friend is Lauren from Blesser House. I know many of you won’t believe me, but I actually know her in real life.

As in my daughter was at her house yesterday because she wanted to hand deliver her birthday invitation to her. This is real life. I learn so much just by being around her and getting to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

interview with Lauren from graphic

In fact, I actually did a blogging interview with Lauren where she spilled all her best secrets from over the years!

I look back at my year one blogging tips post I did after blogging from a year and literally just laugh because I knew NOTHING. In my defense, I told you at the beginning of the post I knew nothing, but still.

I knew N O T H I N G.

My point in all this is that she told me a trick I’ve been holding in my back pocket waiting to share with you guys and today is that day!

navy ikea alex drawers desk with wallpaper

We finished our office that I’m totally swooning over and up soon on our list is tackling the playroom.

And what separates those two rooms? FRENCH DOORS.

I love them, but I knew painting them would be an annoying nightmare, BUT not anymore!

The Super Duper Top Secret To Painting French Doors Without Taping

masking liquid H20 with marble background

This stuff!!! We got ours from Amazon; I’ve honestly never seen this in stores, but it’s seriously brilliant. Let me show you how truly easy it is.


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You need to use this BEFORE any coat of paint on your door.

painting interior french doors with masking liquid H20

First, apply a thick layer of this masking liquid on the glass window panes.

Pro tip: Put this stuff on super thick. I didn’t do it thick enough on many of my window panes of glass and had to end up scraping the liquid off which honestly wasn’t bad at ALL, but I just should have done it thicker.

white french doors with masking liquid film on them

The paint on the glass you see is because I had already painted the other side of this door before I hung it back up.

It is possible to paint your doors on the hinges, but we have to spray paint all of our hinges black, so every time I paint a door, I have to take it off the hinges which makes it way more time consuming.

After the masking liquid is completely dry, paint your doors.

painted interior french doors

I painted our doors the same color as the rest of our doors inside – Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. We love this deep shade of gray for our doors and it’s crazy how a dark door can brighten up a space.

Next comes the (dare I say it) fun part of all this. Take your razor blade or utility knife and score around the edge of each pane of glass.

peeling off masking liquid H20

I’m actually using a straight edge blade from Harbor Freight here to help me peel up the corner so I could grab it with my little fingers.

woman in gray shirt pulling off film of painted french doors

If you can imagine, this feels like when your skin peels after a good sunburn and it’s extremely satisfying. Continue this process with all of your glass panes. That’s it! This is SUCH a huge time saver.

You may have to scrape paint just a little in the corners, but you’ll end up with an as-close-to-perfect paint job all without the annoyance of painter’s tape!

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore painted french doors

We only have this one set of french doors in our house BUT we do plan on painting our windows one day before we can afford to actually replace all of them and I can absolutely see us using this in the future again!

Another place I can see this being super helpful is if you are painting your kitchen cabinets and any of them have glass inserts.

Have any of you used this stuff? And do you love it as much as I do?
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    1. Honestly not even 1/4th of the entire container! That stuff goes a LONG way and worth every single cent!

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