Small Closet Organization Tips

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If you told me you had a smaller closet than me, I would have a hard time believing you, but regardless, I’m sharing with you some small closet organization tips that we’ve learned along the way!

Are you ever just searching through your drafts on your own blog and find a post you completed about 6 months ago and completely forgot about?

No? Just me? Cooooool. Wellll, this is a post like that.

We finished the world’s smallest primary closet makeover recently and boy did I learn a lot about how to cram a maximum amount of things in a minimum amount of space.

finished master closet with Ikea AURDAL

Still can’t believe we were able to fit an actual closet system in here, but anything is possible when you’re determined enough.

While putting this teency lil’ fella back together, we learned some things along the way that I wanted to share if you’re faced with a similar situation and are curious how to make your closet space neat and tidy when it’s barely a walk in closet.

Small Closet Organization Ideas

1. Be ruthless

women's and men's clothes hanging in Ikea AURDAL closet in GRAY

If you’re wondering how to organize a small closet with lots of clothes, I mean be cut throat. Since we had to remove every piece of clothing we had, I was ruthless putting stuff back in. SO MUCH went to the donation pile.

Because we had our clothes just crammed in here before, when I had them out, I was able to see what all I had and more importantly, what I didn’t wear.

Donate what you don’t need. Not only what you don’t need, but simply what you don’t love. I had things that I liked a decent amount, but that I just hadn’t worn in a long time or didn’t see myself wearing in the near future.

2. Separate clothes by season

men's shirts hanging in gray Ikea AURDAL closet shelving unit

Since we’re coming up into the fall and winter, we started hanging up our winter season clothes for the majority of hanging space.

If you have the room, you can do all of your hanging clothes, but if you haven’t figure it out yet, we ain’t got the room.

Our out of season clothes are stored in under bed storage. If you don’t have the space in a closet, it’s perfectly fine to store things under your bed.

Plus, the more things are under your bed the less room there is for monsters to sneak up under there.

3. Vertical, vertical, vertical

messy master closet before

Although it may be hard to tell in this picture, our wire clothing rack we had in here wasn’t really that high. We were able to stack 2 5 gallon totes on top of the clothing rack which means we had a ton of overhead space unused.

men's shoes stacked on gray Ikea AURDAL with wallpaper ceilings

This is a close up view of our ceiling so hopefully you can tell just how serious I am with this vertical storage thing. We took it uppppp.

bag in bottom of closet storage unit

We also took it low. If you look to the right, you see a little brown strap sticking out from underneath my side of the closet. That’s an overnight bag I have that I keep under there so I can easily get to it when I need to. So when I say use that vertical space, USE IT.

Don’t look too closely, though cuz then you’ll see the dust in the back part of the closet and judge me that this closet ain’t even a week old and it’s already dusty.

4. Keep a laundry basket nearby

laundry basket outside of closet

One thing I’ve learned is that even with a small amount of clothes, they will find themselves on the floor or that random chair you may have in the corner of your bedroom if you don’t have a laundry basket handy.

We love this one we found at Home Goods because it has wheels so we can just roll it right on out to our newly renovated laundry room!

5. Practical shoe organization

woman putting shoes on shelf in closet

Emphasis on practical here. It’s so super important that it’s practical. It doesn’t make sense to put your shoes at the top of your 8 foot ceilings if you can’t reach them.

This is why Jordan’s shoes are up top and mine are from the middle to the bottom. And I also put what shoes I wear most often closest to eye level and ones I wear least at the bottom.

AKA. my 2 pairs of heels are at the VERY bottom because it is very rare I wear those.

6. Don’t forget your closet door

men's shirts hanging in the Ikea AURDAL closet

I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but lemme give you a little spoiler alert.

We haven’t added our closet door back. Partly because I’m not sure what color I want to paint it to make it blend in the most and partly because we haven’t got pretty storage for all my flip flops yet, but what I can say is the back of a closet door can provide valuable storage solutions for shoes, belts, scarves or hats if you need.

Take my word for it and do as I say or whatever.

7. Make sure you plan for your clothes

Maybe this should have been number one but I’ve already written this and we’re this far. I don’t feel like moving stuff around.

Ikea AURDAL gray unit drawers and stacked shoes

Because I knew I had a few long dresses, I decided not to add a second hanging bar in the back of my side of the closet like J did.

I also have a lot of scarves I can add back here too on some sort of hanging organizer, but I just haven’t done that yet because I haven’t ruthlessly gone through those either.

8. Do you, boo

Most importantly, you need to do what’s best for you and your budget and your clothes and your life cuz you’re the one living it not me.

Marie Kondo folded workout clothes

If you need closet shelves as opposed to drawers, go for it buttercup.

If I could have had all drawers, I would have. We needed that kind of organization in this closet.

organized ties in a drawer

BONUS TIP: Velvet hangers

Ikea AURDAL closet shelving unit in gray

You can fit so much more in a closet with the right hangers. I promise. If you have mismatched, plastic or even those nice wood hangers, they are so chunky and take up too much room.

Get you some velvet hangers like this for super cheap on Amazon and you won’t believe the difference it makes.

Life (and space) Saving Closet Organizing Products

small closet organization ideas


Regardless of what you need, I hope I at least gave you some small closet organization ideas that you can use, even if you do have lots of clothes!

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Small closet organization tips and tricks

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