DIY Mailbox Makeover

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A step by step guide to create an inexpensive way to bring create your own DIY mailbox makeover including minimal supplies and simple, modern design

It’s all fun and games showing you guys the inside of my house (like our office or guest bathroom or even our porch all dolled up for Christmas, for example) like I’ve got it all together, but do you want to see a giant secret that all our poor neighbors know about us?

before mailbox makeover
before mailbox makeover

The outside of our house is a friggin’ disaster. Absolutely zero curb appeal. Zero stars. Would not recommend.

Overgrown bushes against the house, barely alive grass and absolutely dead whatever-this-is that’s literally engulfing our poor mailbox. God bless our mail lady’s arms.

We finally pulled these bushes up which just felt like a deep breath.

Don’t you mind the dead patches of grass. We’re not focusing on that right now. One thing at a time guys. But herein lies the problem – now that the bushes are gone, it’s really obvious our mailbox is a snooze fest. I’m aware that mailboxes shouldn’t be like bedazzled or anything, but it did feel like it was time to give ourselves a little DIY mailbox makeover.


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Steps for your own DIY mailbox makeover:

First, lay out your mailbox on the 4×4 post to measure where it needs to sit.

layout for DIY mailbox makeover

As you can see in the picture above, draw a line to mark the bottom of your mailbox and then another line 4 inches from that. That will mark where your little cross section post will go and help you with the next step.

Using your circular saw, make a bunch of little scores in the wood so it’s easier to remove with a hammer and chisel.

connecting support beam for mailbox makeover

Add your T bar cross thingie into the slot where you just removed all the scored pieces of wood and screw it into place.

Side note: I was inside while all this was going down and I hear Char say, “Daddy, it kinda looks like a cross! I wish I could die on it like Jesus. Tell mama, “Look, look, I see Jesus on the cross,” and then get her to come out here.”

Pastor’s kid probs. And yes. She’s in her sleep gown. And slide sandals. Holding her play hammer and a rubber mallet. Standing on a chisel. Is it really a custom mailbox if you don’t have all of the aforementioned things?

diy mailbox makeover
diy mailbox makeover

After creating the mailbox post itself and the support piece (the little piece that makes the other side of the triangle) make sure everything is screwed together and then add the 2×8 cut to size to support your mailbox.

I would give you all measurements for this, but the reality is it’s somewhat subjective so a lot of this was just winging it for us, going by the measurements that we had for the specific mailbox we chose. Sorry, I have tried to tell y’all I’m not good at this DIY instructions thing.

We chose to paint ours white, but you totally don’t have to do this if you don’t want. You can leave it as is, paint it a different color or stain it and seal it. We used white spray paint! I’m sure you could put a coat of paint or 2 on this or 2 if you’d rather do that, but I’m lazy. Shocker.

DIY mailbox makeover
DIY mailbox makeover

We attempted to “plant flowers” around here, but let’s be honest – neither one of this duo knows anything about planting flowers or gardening. So, we will see if these last, but the point is the mailbox anyway so just don’t mind the “flowers”.

This is one of our easiest DIY projects we have done yet! And the very first in a looooong list of projects to add curb appeal.

modern farmhouse numbers on mailbox makeover

This just goes to show you that in order to create your own DIY mailbox makeover, it really doesn’t have to cost that much or take you a long time. But a pro tip? Before you tear your other one down and put this one up, make sure you either do it on a Sunday or wait until after the mail has come. Not speaking from experience or anything.

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  1. I know this is an older post but I came across it when I decided to update our mailbox. What size flower pot ring did you use? Thank you in advance!

  2. Is there a reason for choosing the untreated 4x4s instead of the treated posts? I know the treated ones are usually not as straight, but I’m a little concerned how well that wood is going to hold up in the post hole… unless y’all added some protection there?

    1. Valid question! We wanted to paint it immediately and couldn’t do that with pressure treated so we painted it to seal it.

  3. I started a Adopt a Mailbox program in Lexington SC. If I discover a older customer on my mail route has a mailbox problem. I would donate the material, so that she or he wouldn’t have to repair the mailbox. My program would be there for them. Curb appeal is very important and so are my customers on my mail route. No one wants wet mail or a damaged mailbox.

  4. I love this mailbox! Do you know where you got your numbers from and what size they are? Also, what size mail box did you get?

    1. Everything came from Home Depot. Our numbers are 5″. I’m honestly not sure what size our mailbox was; it was just the standard approved size.

  5. Man, this makes me think of the mailbox at our first house. It was so bad, just basically a mailbox on a wooden pole. I couldn’t wait to have a nice mailbox – which my husband could not understand, ours was perfectly functional. We were newly married. He would learn! LOL
    That was easily 15 years ago now and I’m sitting here kicking myself for not being a DIYer way back then because the new mailbox was ridiculous! $$
    This is beautiful and I love that you guys made it!

    1. hahahah gurrrl thank you! yeah honestly when it comes to tools, I’m scared of most of them so thank goodness he’s willing to take risks and try things we’ve never done before!

    1. thanks Megan! Full disclosure I wanted to keep it wood and it was my husband’s idea per usual πŸ˜›

  6. Wow, Carmen! What a difference. It looks fabulous with a really fresh new look. I really like the addition of the flower pot!
    Thanks for the tutorial.

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