Shaker Style Cabinets: Simple, Timeless, and Versatile

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Your ultimate guide to shaker style cabinets, including photos of how and where we have used them in our own home as well as our flip houses

greige shaker style cabinet kitchen cabinet door style


We have used shaker style cabinets in our own kitchen, but also countless of our flip houses.

We use RTA cabinets (ready to assemble) in all of our projects because they are way cheaper than custom cabinets (we’re talking THOUSANDS cheaper) and a great way to give any space a high-end look.

wood shaker style cabinets in a large kitchen with island
wood shaker style RTA cabinets with large window

We even used them in a flip house Jordan did with his partner that sold for over $1.2M!

RTA cabinets offer the same aesthetic appeal as custom cabinetry, but without a hefty price tag and our absolute favorite are the shaker style cabinets.

What are Shaker Style Cabinets?

Shaker style cabinets are a classic and timeless design, and are known for their clean and simple lines, which make them a popular choice for both traditional and modern kitchens.

kitchen with white backsplash and gold faucet and gold knobs

Shaker cabinets are typically made from wood and have a flat, recessed center panel with square edges and straight lines.

One of the defining features of Shaker style cabinets is their five-panel cabinet door design. The door is made up of a flat frame with squared edges using cope-and-stick or stile-and-rail construction.

The inner panel is flat and non-ornate, giving the cabinet a minimalistic look which is why they’re great for more modern kitchens, big or small.

Emtek matte black knurled pulls and knob on white quartz counter

Shaker style cabinets are versatile and can be used in a variety of kitchen designs. They can be painted or stained to match any color scheme, and they work well with a range of cabinet hardware styles.

Simple Design

Shaker style cabinets are a popular choice for both people who own homes as well as those who may be investors and flipping homes like us.

white cabinets with butcher block countertops with black herringbone backsplash in kitchen

The design is simple which makes it easier to clean and take care of, which we know all families love since cleaning the kitchen is the bane of anyone’s existence.

No? Just me?

Materials Used in Making Shaker Style Cabinets

When it comes to making Shaker style cabinets, the materials used play a significant role in the overall look and feel of the finished product.

We are team all wood cabinets because they stand the test of time.

SW white upper cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn lower kitchen cabinets

Our old cabinets that we painted as a phase one kitchen renovation a few years back were particle board and they peeled and chipped and were so super flimsy, especially if they got wet.

Wood Types

The most common types of wood used in making Shaker style cabinets are hardwoods such as oak, maple, and cherry.

These woods are known for their durability, strength, and resistance to wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can also use softwoods such as pine, spruce, or fir. These woods are easier to cut and shape but are not as durable in the long term. However, they can still be a good option if you’re looking to save money.

Finishing Options

The finishing options you choose can significantly impact the final look of your cabinets and will be able to fit any design style in your home.

The place where we get all our cabinets come in colors that we choose from.

They just added black back in April and we got those for our mountain house and they’re STUNNING! I can’t wait to show them to you!

blue shaker style lower cabinets with white upper cabinets and butcher block countertops

They have white, greige (what is in our kitchen), black, deep blue that’s not quite navy, and now they just came out with a lighter green which I wish they would have done a sage instead but hey, I don’t work there, ha.

Pros and Cons of Shaker Style Cabinets

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you might be considering shaker style cabinets.

white cabinets with black herringbone backsplash in galley kitchen

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of choosing these for your kitchen renovation.


  • Timeless Design: Shaker style cabinets have been around for centuries and are still popular today. They have a classic design that never goes out of style. This makes them a great investment for your home.
  • Versatility: Shaker style cabinets are versatile and can be used in a variety of design styles. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, shaker style cabinets will complement your decor.
  • Easy to Clean: The flat panel design of shaker style cabinets makes them easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about dirt or grease getting stuck in intricate designs.


  • Limited Design Options: Shaker style cabinets have a simple design that may not appeal to everyone. If you’re looking for intricate designs or ornate details, shaker style cabinets may not be the best choice for you.
  • Lack of Texture: Shaker style cabinets generally lacks texture. If you’re looking for cabinets with a lot of texture or depth, you may want to consider a different style.
  • Not as Customizable: Shaker style cabinets are less customizable than other cabinet styles. This is because they have a simple design that doesn’t allow for a lot of customization.

Although they don’t offer as much customization or texture as other cabinet styles do, shaker style cabinets still make for great option for cabinets in homes of all types.

white cabinets with butcher block countertops with black herringbone backsplash in kitchen

With so many different materials and colors available today, it is easier than ever to find shaker style cabinets that will fit your budget and home decor perfectly!

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