26 Bedroom Design Secrets Inspired by Hotels

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I wouldn’t consider myself a world traveler or anything, but I very much am starting to try to get us into travel hacking and so I’ve been dreaming of all the ways I can recreate some of the beautiful hotels that I’ve seen right here at home.

We are VERY VERY long overdue for a primary bedroom makeover (we have already done our primary closet and then a very minor lipstick makeover on our primary bathroom) and so here are some ideas I’m taking in to it for sure.

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Invest in High-Quality Bedding

white bedroom walls with faux plant on wood bedside table

These don’t have to be expensive! High-thread-count sheets and a plush duvet can make all the difference.

We have actually done this already as a primary step because we wanted to test some things out and we have found THE ABSOLUTE holy grail of sheets (for an INSANELY cheap price) and a duvet insert that we loved so much we bought it for the girls’ room AND our guest bed upstairs!

Stick to White Linens

board and batten in bedroom painted sherwin williams pure white with small fiddle leaf fig on rattan side table

This isn’t always possible (hello children) BUT the best part is that you can bleach them! Plus, if you’re thinking of an upscale hotel, white linens exude cleanliness and simplicity which are a hallmark of those rooms.

Add a Plush, Oversized Headboard

bed with black fabric headboard and plush blanket

Now, this is a personal preference, but when I think about the hotels I’ve stayed in or longed after online, they always have the fluffiest beds with a fabric headboard.

This is another step we have taken in our primary bedroom makeover! We bought this fabric bed to replace the one we had from Ikea and I’m IN LOVE with it!

Incorporate Bedside Lamps

tan bed with white bedding and white lamp on the bedside table

Choose stylish, functional lamps that provide good reading light and add to the room’s ambiance.

Create a Sitting Area with Stylish Chairs

bed with large round brass light fixture

Our room is entirely too tiny for this, but we were able to do this in our flip house that caught fire (and several flip houses, actually) and I love it every time we do it.

A pair of chic chairs or a small loveseat can create a cozy nook for reading or relaxing.

Install Blackout Curtains

bed with velvet curtains in the background

Ever woke up in a pitch black hotel room and not realize what time it was? No? Just me?

K cool.

Blackout curtains are a perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

Add a Mini Fridge or Bar Cart

mini fridge next to bed as a nightstand

Hear me out – I had a mini fridge on my nightstand for breastmilk but I snuck drinks and snacky snacks in there and I don’t know if I can ever go back.

They make the CUTEST lil’ mini fridges on Amazon and totally worth every freaking cent. Plus it adds that hotel-like convenience.

Include a Writing Desk and Chair

black desk with large art print over it

A small desk setup can be perfect for jotting down notes or working from home.

Use Sophisticated, Neutral Color Schemes

Aka. grown and sexy as we like to call it over here.

dark red room with bed and dark red sheets color drenched

You can definitely do a color drench situation for dramatic effect, but neutrals and whites work great too!

Get Comfy Slippers

closeup of fuzzy slippers laying next to a bed in a bedroom

Plush slippers by your bedside add a delightful touch of coziness. Who doesn’t want cozy piggies??

Add a Wall-Mounted TV

white chest of drawers under a wall mounted TV in the bedroom

A sleek, wall-mounted TV keeps the room tidy and offers entertainment. If a true Samsung Frame TV isn’t in your budget, then try our DIY version where you can fake it ’til you make it baby?

Include High-End Toiletries on a Tray

tray with toiletries on the end of the bed

I wouldn’t do this for your own personal bedroom obvi, but I would absolutely do this in a guest room!

Display luxury toiletries on a decorative tray for that polished, hotel feel.

Use Layered Lighting with Dimmers

Layer your lighting with overhead lights, bedside lamps, and accent lights, as many as you can with dimmers for adjustable ambiance.

Add Stylish Artwork and Wall Decor

Curate a collection of tasteful artwork and decor to personalize and elevate your space. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

DIY canvas abstract art hanging on wall over IKEA Billy bookcases

You can even DIY a simple art piece like the super totally mega easy DIY abstract wall art I did for our playroom upstairs! Still can’t believe I did that every time I look at it, ha!

Place Fresh Flowers in a Vase

closeup of dahlias in a vase on a side table in a bedroom

Fresh flowers or greenery can instantly brighten and freshen up the room. And you can get seasonal faux flowers if you don’t trust yourself or don’t have the time to keep them watered and alive. No shame.

Add a Decorative Bench at the Foot of the Bed

I always picture Mr. Rogers taking off his shoes at the beginning of every episode. Yes, I know he was on a couch but still.

board and batten in entire bedroom with small fiddle leaf fig on rattan side table

A bench serves as a stylish focal point, but can also provide valuable storage space, making it a functional and versatile piece of furniture.

Use Soft, Plush Rugs

bedroom with shag fluffy rug under the bed

A plush rug can add warmth and texture to your room and add even more coziness to those piggies before they get up in those slippers!

Create a Turndown Service Routine

I know it adds more work, but you could make it fun if you had a partner. Switch off days or weeks!

Fold back your duvet and place a lil’ treat on your pillow to mimic hotel turndown service.

Include a Full-Length Mirror

large black arched mirror in corner of bedroom with white walls

A full-length mirror is practical, but also tell me one hotel room you’ve stayed in without one. You won’t regret it!

woman hanging mirror on a DIY barn door smiling

You can even hang it on the back of a barn door if you’re short on space like we were in our own room!

Provide Ample Storage with Stylish Dressers

wood dresser and wall mounted TV in a bedroom

Good dressers are hard to find. It freaking took us almost 8 months to find one that was the right size but also had enough drawers for all our crap.

Add a Statement Light Fixture

bed with large round brass light fixture

This goes along with lighting, but a fabulous light fixture can make or break a room. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with a chandelier or designer light fixture.

Incorporate a Luxurious Throw Blanket

wood bed with white fluffy layered bedding and nightstand

I LOVE a good blanket. A lush throw blanket at the foot of the bed adds color and comfort.

Include a Variety of Pillows with Different Firmness Levels

closeup of bedding with layered pillows and black floral wallpaper behind the bed

This is huge especially for guest rooms. Offer a range of pillows to cater to different sleep preferences and enhance comfort. People will love you for it!

Add a Luggage Rack

A chic luggage rack provides a convenient spot for unpacking and adds a hotel touch.

I actually love this acrylic one because it’s super modern and unique, but if you like neutral, this white one is great and I love that the bottom is solid and not slotted like most are!

Provide a Selection of High-Quality Magazines or Books

Uhhh, wouldn’t be a problem for me. Y’all know I kinda like to read a lil’ bit.

DIY black built in bookshelves around fireplace with glass doors

I could pop a couple off my DIY Ikea built ins and voila!

If not, we stayed at a friend’s house once who bought the most recent copies of People and Better Homes and Gardens and I felt SO LOVED! It’s really the small things.

Include a Bluetooth Speaker for Music

closeup of nightstand with white bluetooth speaker on it

You don’t even have to have a fancy schmancy built in sound system.

But a Bluetooth speaker offers easy access to your favorite tunes, enhancing the room’s atmosphere.

We have had this bluetooth speaker for YEARS and I seriously use it almost every day I’m home to blast my audiobooks, ha!

Don’t these ideas make you want to just snug up and get a project going to give your bedroom that luxury hotel room vibe? DO IT! You won’t regret it!

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