Behr’s Designer Collection Palette Release

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Behr has released their curated Designer Collection that include amazing gorgeous neutral colors that work great for designers, investors, and homeowners alike. Come see my favorites in the collection!


My Favorite Colors from the Behr Designer Collection Palette

I used to get excited about things like going out with friends and pre-gaming on Saturday nights.

Now I’m over here giddy to see the neutral colors of a paint color palette.

I am old over here and I don’t even care at this point who knows it. I’m friggin excited!

I wanted to share some of my favorites of the palette and see them in some real spaces just like I do when I talk about any other of my favorite paint colors (cough cough Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray cough cough).

Behr Designer Palette Favorites – Whites

Behr Whipped Cream

behr whipped cream paint sample
Whipped Cream Sample via Behr

If you’re a lover of Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, then this is the perfect color for you.

Whipped Cream has an LRV of 91.23, with warmer undertones. It is a creamy white paint color that is a great all over neutral without feeling too cool or harsh.

Behr Blank Canvas

For a bit more of a cooler white with softer light green undertones, Blank Canvas may be what you need.

behr blank canvas in entryway with wood door and side table

According to Behr’s website, this color is comparable to Benjamin Moore White Dove which is also a great neutral white perfect for any interior wall of your home. This could also be a great exterior color since it’s not too stark white.

Surprise! This is also Behr’s 2023 Color of the Year!

Behr Winter White

behr winter white paint sample

If you’re needing a bright white that’s great for trim, Winter White is your go to!

Comparable to Sherwin Williams Extra White, this paint color is a bright, crisp white with an LRV of 86.

Skin color crayola colored pencils and crayons in clear acrylic containers on Ikea Latt table painted Sherwin Williams Naval

Sherwin Williams Extra White is what all of our trim is painted in our own house (you can see it here in the background of the Ikea Latt table hack I did for our playroom makeover) so I can promise it’s a great bright white that doesn’t blind you!

Behr Designer Palette Favorites – Browns & Grays

Behr Gratifying Gray

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is no doubt one of the most popular gray paint colors of all time and Gratifying Gray is the Behr equivalent.

behr gratifying gray paint sample

This is a gorgeous mid-tone gray paint color with warm greenish-yellow undertones. Much like Repose Gray, Behr Gratifying Gray is best used in rooms that have at least decent natural lighting for most parts of the day so that it doesn’t feel too dark in the space.

Behr Even Better Beige

Even Better Beige is the equivalent to Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige which is a perfect neutral beige and can work great in an investment house or even an all over color in your own home!

behr even better beige paint color sample

What’s great about a beige is it can still work in any color palette – try to use it in some colorful beach color palettes in your vacation home!

Behr Classic Silver

The perfect balance of warm and cool, Behr describes its own Classic Silver as the perfect grey, and I feel like it is!

behr classic silver
Classic Silver Paint Sample via Behr

Calling a color a perfect gray means that it will take on a warm shade around warm lighting and it will look cooler if its surrounded by lighting or decor that has cooler undertones and it appears that Classic Silver delivers on that guarantee.

Behr Designer Palette Favorites – Accent Colors

Behr Vine Leaf

You guys know my love for dark green.

We used Behr Bamboo in our shared girls room and I’m not lying when I say it’s still one of my favorite rooms to. go in and look at.

behr vine leaf bedroom painted accent wall behind bed
Behr Vine Leaf accent wall via Behr

Behr Vine Leaf is a bit lighter of a green, but still is a stunning accent wall color.

Behr Cracked Pepper

The Behr website doesn’t say this, but Behr Cracked Pepper is a great alternative to a shade between Sherwin Williams Peppercorn and Sherwin Williams Iron Ore.

In our previous life (ha), we had our old lower kitchen cabinets Sherwin Williams Peppercorn and this color feels very similar.

behr cracked pepper interior doors with white walls
Behr Cracked Pepper Interior Doors via Citrine Living

However, looking at the color painted on interior doors, it looks like our interior doors which are all painted Sherwin Williams Iron Ore.

Regardless, Behr Cracked Pepper is a great accent wall color or interior door color!

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Behr Black

Now y’all know I couldn’t leave out my tried and true black, right?

DIY accent wall ideas for kitchen

We used Behr Black on our DIY fluted arch accent wall in the coffee area of our new kitchen and it’s PERFECT.

I’m in love with it.

It’s also the color we used for the fireplace, but it looks different because we used their masonry paint.

The best part about the Behr Designer Collection line is there’s only 35 so while there aren’t any wild colors like bright yellows and purples, it has everything you might need to create a calming, beautiful neutral color palette in your own home or in homes you’re designing!

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