Most Popular Behr White Paint Colors Reviewed

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All white paints are NOT created equal. Here’s an in depth review of the best Behr white paint colors that will be perfect for any home or design style

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Can I tell y’all a secret?

I love Behr paint.

Behr ultra paint and primer in one

I’ve used it in almost every room in our house that I’ve painted and the coverage is so smooth, the coverage is great and speaking from experience with lots of kids with dirty hands, it’s really easy to clean (yes! even white walls!)

Most people know you can get any Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint color matched to Behr paint, but I wanted to talk about the white paint colors that Behr has because we have used them in our house and in our flip houses and we love them!

Buckle up, because we’re about to take a wild ride through the land of fresh walls, cozy vibes, and a great list of white paint colors for you to work with to reduce overwhelm.

Pssst. If you love the Magnolia paint colors, but can’t find them near you, here is the Magnolia Paint line matched to Behr paint colors!

Best Behr White Paint Colors (Neutral)

Behr Ultra Pure White

woman's hand holding behr paint samples with behr ultra pure white showing

Ultra Pure White (PPU18-06) is a true pure white color, devoid of any noticeable undertones as you can see from the paint chip.

It lacks the warmth of creamy white paint colors, providing a crisp and bright aesthetic.

This makes it an ideal choice for creating a fresh and modern look, and especially makes it a great choice forĀ painting trim.

Behr Blank Canvas

behr blank canvas graphic

Of course I’m going to start with the 2023 Color of the Year for Behr and include Blank Canvas (DC-003).

This color has gorgeous golden undertones and it is a color you can really paint in your entire house and not get sick of it.

Especially in our flip houses, we love having the ability to have the perfect white paint color as the background so that our designs can really stand out.

Behr Polar Bear

woman's hand holding behr paint samples with behr polar bear showing

I would compare this color to Sherwin Williams Alabaster or something like Benjamin Moore White Dove.

Behr Polar Bear is in the warm whites family of paint colors and has very quickly become one of our favorite white paint colors to use in a whole house design.

Polar Bear is one of the best Behr white paints around – and the most popular!

closeup of thick baseboard trim


Regardless of brand, these are the best white paint colors for trim that we have used and that our painting experts for our flip houses recommend over and over.

Warm White Paint Colors

Behr Silky White

woman's hand holding behr paint samples with behr silky white showing

Behr Silky White (PPU7-12) is a beautiful and versatile white paint color.

Silky White is a warm white paint color that leans closer to an off-white. It has subtle undertones of beige and cream, giving it a gentle warmth and depth.

These warm undertones help create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in a room, making it a popular choice regardless of design style.

It pairs well with both warm and cool color palettes, giving you flexibility to create whatever feel you want in your house.

Behr Simply White

woman's hand holding behr paint samples with behr sleek white and simply white showing

Not to be confused with Benjamin Moore Simply White, Behr Swiss Coffee (BWC-01) is a soft white paint color with subtle undertones of yellow and beige.

The color strikes a balance between being warm and neutral, making it suitable for various design styles and color schemes and can be used on walls, trim, or even kitchen cabinets.

Both Benjamin Moore Simply White and Behr Simply White have warm undertones making them a creamy white paint color, but Behr has a little more of a beige saturation to it.

Behr Sleek White

woman's hand holding behr paint samples with behr sleek white showing

If you’re aiming for a contemporary and sleek look, consider Sleek White (PPU5-12).

This warm-toned white paint color has subtle creamy undertones, creating a sophisticated and modern feel.

Whether used on walls, cabinets, or trim, Sleek White brings a sense of refinement to any space and pairs beautifully with bold accent colors.

Cool White Paint Colors

Behr Bit of Sugar

woman's hand holding behr paint samples with behr bit of sugar showing

Behr Bit of Sugar (ICC-77) falls into the category of cool whites, with just a hint of gray undertone.

When your undertones are gray rather than warmer tones, it creates a contemporary and sleek aesthetic. It’s perfect for those who want a modern vibe without going too icy.

This color works like magic in small spaces, too. It has the power to make any room feel larger and brighter, thanks to its higher LRV. So if you’re dealing with a smaller apartment (hello friends in NYC!) or a dimly lit basement, Bit of Sugar is here to save the day.

Whether you’re going for a minimalist look, a cozy farmhouse feel, or even a sleek industrial vibe, Bit of Sugar has got your back.

Behr Cameo White

woman's hand holding behr paint samples with behr cameo white showing

Although it has gray (or “ashen” as its described by Behr) undertones, Cameo White (PPU4-10) offers a delicate balance between warmth and neutrality.

Cameo White is an excellent choice for creating a serene atmosphere in bedrooms or living spaces, where comfort and relaxation are necessary.

behr paint deck fan

The most important part of picking white paint colors (or any paint color) for your space is to take lighting conditions into account.

Not only lighting, but your windows and which directions your windows face. I wrote a whole post about north vs. south facing windows and their impact on lighting for your paint colors.

Natural and artificial lighting can influence the appearance of the color, potentially enhancing or subduing its warmth. It is recommended to test a sample of the paint color in your specific room and observe how it interacts with the lighting throughout the day.

Picking white paint colors can be SUPER annoying and overwhelming but hopefully this has narrowed it down to some great white paints from Behr if Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore ain’t your people!

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