Nursery and Shared Girls’ Room Inspiration

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Sharing some ideas that are inspiring us as we embark upon a shared girls’ room and a nursery design

I’ve gotta be honest – this post scares the living crap out of me.

With our history of infertility and pregnancy loss, I’ve been putting off trying to come up with a solution to actually house this baby here, terrified she won’t get to come home with us.

(And before you come at me all “You should say WHEN this baby comes home, not IF. Speak it into existence”, unless you’ve experienced infertility and pregnancy loss, you can take a trip right on to shutty town).

Annnnnnyhoo, we had actually talked about letting Josiah and Charlotte share a room since they’re closer in age, but honestly, there would come a day in which they couldn’t share a room anymore cuz of penis and vagina reasons so I figured it would be easier to have a room with the girls and then the room can grow with them.

gender neutral nursery for boy design with sherwin williams agreeable gray walls

We will probably be turning Josiah’s nursery into a big boy room at some point next year, but he’s an animal and still needs to be kept in his cage (crib).

diagonal navy and white wall with IKEA Hemnes daybed
Easy projects and updates with spray paint

I haven’t shown Charlotte’s room a whole lot on the blog, but here’s the only view I have at the moment. This was before we installed our new floors but you get the point.

Fitting a crib, a new bed, a glider and a dresser and ALL THE GIRL CLOTHES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is going to be a huge challenge. Especially given the small size of the closet. Yikes. We are hoping we can make some add some kind of chest of drawers in the closet if all else fails so that we can have a (hopefully) simple way to have more storage in less space in their room.

I mean, we were able to work some magic in our own small closet, but there’s only so much real estate without a room feeling super cluttered. Part of me feels like even if we had the space to house all the babes we want in their own rooms, the idea of a shared room will help with bonding and just appreciation for one another.

Ya know, crushing that whole sibling rivalry deal at the core. I think it’s possible for kiddos to have their own space even if their own space is just their side of the room.

While it’s hard for me to dream and let myself get excited about a shared girls’ room and even the idea of a nursery, I wanted to share with you some things that have caught my eye lately. Usually a great place for me to start in the design process when I’m about to work on a project at home is to find design ideas from different places to get my wheels turning a little bit.

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

white board and batten wall with hunter green painted wall with wood crib and wood door
via Bre Purposed

While I don’t think we could get away with wood that dark since we have super light hardwood floors, I love the neutral, natural wood tones mixed with the deep green of the wall behind the crib.

hunter green feature wall with IKEA light and light wood crib
via Andrea Grbic

Listen, if you think you can’t get a great baby room on a budget, look no further than this sweet room. So much of it is from IKEA and I’m floored how incredible it looks all together. You should absolutely take a scroll through the entire post; she nails every detail, even the small amount of nursery decor that’s in here.

hunter green nursery feature wall with name above a white and wood crib
via Within The Grove

I couldn’t post about inspirational kid rooms without including my absolute favorite nursery I’ve seen in the past couple years from my girl Liz. The green. The wood and white. The simplicity. The fact that this is a great gender neutral nursery option. ALL of it.

Sometimes you don’t need a bunch of wall art, just your little one’s name is plenty 🙂

dark green nursery feature wall with clementine wallpaper and white crib
via Greywood Mama

Okay, okay, okay. Cat’s out of the bag. Are you sensing a theme here? I’m finding myself drawn to the idea of creating a dark green feature wall of some sort. We won’t have a ton of extra space with 2 girls in here so I’m loving seeing small spaces in baby girl rooms that are designed well.

Girl Shared Room Ideas

2 white canopy beds with name signs and pink bedding
via Oh Happy Play

I hesitate to ever let Charlotte see this because I know she’d want a canopy bed, but we only have 8′ ceilings and it would just make the room feel so tiny. But I love the feel of white beds and the floral accent wall behind them.

While I love the idea of having either loft beds or bunk beds in a shared space, I just feel like with an already small space and having pretty low ceilings it’s just not going to be feasible for a shared room.

2 white twin beds with dresser in between and vintage rug with white and gold striped wallpaper
via Style Me Pretty

Same song and dance here. Super simple decor, white twin beds, fun wall behind said beds. Soft tones, but still a sweet girls’ room. We are planning on using some peel and stick wallpaper of some sort and I love that it’s a fun way to add a bit of the kid’s personality, but with a modern look.

Although this shared bedroom is going to be housing one bed and a crib (heck, maybe even a mini crib depending on how this layout ends up in this small room), at some point we will have 2 big girl beds in here.

So I’m planning now for the future as well when these little kids will turn into older kids.

2 twin white Jenny Lind beds
via Pinterest from The Coastal Oak

Light, bright, airy, yet still cozy! That’s what I think when I see this room. I love the use of soft pink in this kids room (and that’s coming from a girl who DOES NOT like pink). A shared girls room like this will be several years down the road for us, but I know it’ll be here before I know it.

green Jenny Lind crib and white iron twin bed in shared room
via Lay Baby Lay

Okay, so this is technically a boy’s room, but to me this screams gender-neutral room! How cute is that green crib for some nursery inspiration? I love that this showcases more so of what we’ll be experiencing the first couple years of a shared girls’ room.

I really do wish we had room for a bigger bed for both girls in the future, but because this is a small room, we are already working with a lack of space in the girls bedroom and having really large beds will mean less floor space than they already have and I still want them to actually enjoy their own little space when they get older even though they are different ages.

So, that’s what’s inspiring my design mind at the moment.

It’s clear I’m not the “themed nursery” kinda girl. I’m about soft colors with a pop of fun colors (I’m boring but I’m not a narcissist) and hopefully creating a space that will grow with the girls as they grow. Bunk beds? Who knows? Removing the closet door to make stuff fit? Things could get wild, you never know!

Now that I have some inspiration, I have to actually start planning details like decor ideas, paint colors, and other design elements that will pull this girl’s room together in the most perfect way. EEK.

In the meantime, I’m going to be dreaming up more ideas and projects for Jordan to do in their room while I sit in the living room binge watching true crime docs to relax.

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