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DIY Samsung Frame TV

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How to create your own DIY Samsung Frame TV and how to hide TV wires in the wall for a seamless, clean look

DIY Samsung The Frame TV
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Well, we did it.

Had a baby I mean.

Right smack dab in the middle of the One Room Challenge. I’m going to be sharing her whole birth story later because, since it’s us, it’s got a lot of lines of sarcasm and comedy thrown right up in it.

But today, I’m here to tell you the best way that you can hide your TV wires and also create your own DIY Samsung The Frame TV!

How To Hide TV Wires

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man using orange level marking where TV mount should be
pencil marks on the wall

Prior to mounting your TV, measure where you need to hang your mount.

The good news is that even if you get a different mount than we had, it comes with instructions to follow that will explain exactly how you need to mount it.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt wall with pencil marks on it

The straight horizontal line is where we installed anchors and marked our studs.

The circle with the plus inside on the left side of the photo is where our cords needed to be ran. Depending on the type of TV you have, your cords may come out on the same or different side.

We only had one area in which the studs lined up on our TV mount where we could drill directly into the studs, so on the other ends, we used super heavy duty wall anchors from Home Depot that we’ve used in other projects as well.

recessed outlet in wall

Change out your regular outlet for the recessed outlet and mark to the right side where you’ll need to drill with your hole saw to create a spot for the hole saw box.

man using Ryobi hole saw

Using a hole saw, drill into your drywall so that you can add your hole saw box underneath your TV mount.

Put your fish tape in the wall from the top and pull it out of the bottom in your hole saw box.

It may be helpful to remove your hole saw box to be able to see the TV wires behind the wall as you bring them down the wall.

how to hide TV wires in wall

Because of baby reasons, I wasn’t able to get a photo of pulling the wires up but the process is to take your cords and cables from the bottom, hook them on the end of your fish tape and then pull them up behind your wall mounted TV and bam!

We also trimmed the release cords to our wall mount so that you wouldn’t be able to see them sticking out behind the TV.

DIY Samsung The Frame TV


Don’t hate me but I really wasn’t able to get a ton of photos of the process of making this.

Again, because baby reasons.

white gaff tape on the side of a TCL TV to make a DIY Samsung Frame TV

The first step is to put the white gaff tape all along the edge of the TV and use a razor to cut the edges.

white gaff tape on the side of a TCL TV to make a DIY Samsung Frame TV

Depending on the size of your TV, your measurements may vary, but we created a frame to fit our 43″ TCL Roku TV.

side view of DIY Samsung Frame TV
Side view of DIY Samsung the Frame TV

Using our favorite Ryobi nail gun, we popped several nails in the mitered corners of the frame and filled with wood filler.

notch cut out on TCL Roku TV

We also had to notch out the bottom because of the little sensor on our TV. We were afraid if we didn’t, it would mess up the connection with the remote so we used a handheld oscillating multitool to notch that out.

DIY Samsung The Frame TV

For our artwork, we followed the instructions in this post to get the abstract landscape image that you see in this picture and we love it!

DIY Samsung Frame TV

I’m sure the picture quality isn’t as good as the actual Samsung Frame, but at this point saving thousands of dollars, I really don’t care!

I’m so excited with how this turned out and I’m also super proud of us for keeping up the pace with this One Room Challenge! I can’t believe we are so close to finally being done 🙂

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DIY Samsung The Frame TV graphic

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