How To Easily Organize Kid’s School Papers

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If you have artwork coming out of your ears, here’s how to organize your kid’s school papers and make a kid’s memory box

I can’t believe it’s the end of the school year.

If you would have asked me what Charlotte’s last few days of school would have looked like a few months ago, I wouldn’t have told you it was me overseeing her doing the numbers and letters that her teachers sent me over email.

I would have thought it’d be time to see her in that little baby cap and gown for her 4k kindergarten graduation and me sitting in the audience crying laughing at those poor teachers trying to wrangle kids for their end of the year performance.

I’m super bummed we won’t be getting to do all that, but lemme tell ya – I still have absolutely no shortage whatsoever of school papers for her.

2 tupperware bins of schoolwork

For her first 2 years of school, I just have been sticking her papers in random tupperware boxes we have around here. I don’t know if you know this, but art projects in K2 and K3 classes come home in the millions.

Don’t get me wrong – I love them and I keep almost every single one and how her face lit up every time she got to bring home something else she made, but I just needed a way to tame this stuff so I don’t go bonkers.

How To Organize Your Kid’s Papers & Make A School Memory Box

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plastic clear file box from the Container Store

This is the box that we got from The Container Store just in case you needed a closeup!

teal file folders with labels

You guys know I love a good DIY project as much as anyone. I also have a Cricut and have cut things out of vinyl before (like the bins I made to help organize Charlotte’s tiny toys) but I saw these on Instagram and fell in love and they weren’t much more expensive than I could have made them.

teal Charlotte

Following the instructions, place your name sticker on the center of the box on the front.

teal file folders

The reason I really liked these hanging file folders from Amazon was because of the color. I may be afraid of color in every single room that we paint, but I’m not scared of it in little decor things like this.

file folders with kid's school papers

I’m not sure you how you guys do your filing system, but I like to stagger my tabs so they’re easy to see.

So, infant is in the lower left, and then you can see the next one is a little bit to its right.

file box tabbed folders

I love that these come with places to put special papers like awards, birthday cards, or report cards, but how could they have known about the state of affairs? So I actually created a folder with just art that we’ve done since COVID.

Even if it’s school work her teacher has sent me and I’ve emailed out, I’ve been trying to keep those things separate as a little “keepsake box” of sorts.

clear plastic file box for kids school papers memory box

I will say the only snag I ran in to when trying to make this little school memory box for storing her little treasures is that a lot of times her papers were too large to fit in a folder.

If you see those 2 little red pieces of paper sticking up, you can see that’s where she made something too big and I just laid it flat underneath all the hanging folders.

Having a place for storing school papers is a great idea because the more kids you have (and hopefully we’ll be having more one day Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise) you’re not stuck with 1000 boxes per kid.

I also love this idea as part of a gift to give them on their high school graduation day. I don’t have stuff like this from when I was a kid and I really wish I did.

Since we’re all out here trying to be homeschool organized mom of the year right now, might as well make it worth it!

Have any of you made a school memory box like this or any place you store your kids’ papers? I’d love to see other examples!
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