Primary Closet Refresh Plans

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If you thought you had the tiniest closet ever, let’s see if I can beat you because I think I might be able to. Come see our primary closet design plans to see how we can make the most out of the little space that we have.

Well, I guess I took myself a little too literally when I said I wanted to start with a “small” project to kind of get back on the horse after the rough few months we have had.

messy master closet before

What’s this teency hole behind a door frame you ask? That’s right. It’s our primary closet. Y’all when I say it’s tiny, I mean it is TEE NINY.

messy master closet before

Like so small I can barely take a photo of it. It’s bad.

I spent quite literally weeks in the bed not leaving this room and had this big old mess staring back at me which drove me absolutely insane and so once I was semi-functional again, I asked J if it could be our next project to which he gladly accepted.

Like he really had much of a choice, but okay.

Problems with a small primary closet

Aside from the obvious storage issues, the biggest problem we ran into with trying to design our super small closet was that it seemed as if pre-fab closet system was too big.

It was either too long or too deep or too wide. Which made me super mad because I had my heart set on the Ikea PAX system.

In the first house we lived in when we got married, I actually had an entire room with a PAX closet system dedicated to a closet for me (because we had NO closets in that house since it was super super old).

But when we went to visit Ikea and measure everything out, go figure, none of it would work.

I felt super defeated UNTIL we found out that Ikea has a brand new closet system called the AURDAL!

Ikea aurdal dark gray wardrobe shoe holder

The good news is it comes in teeny pieces like this that can make it functional for us!

So are you ready to see what we have planned for our small closet design?

mood board for tiny master closet makeover

Eek! It doesn’t look like much but THIS ROOM IS SO SMALL THERE ISN’T MUCH TO WORK WITH OKAY?! Keeping it real here.

Lemme give you a little rundown of the things that we are planning to do to give us help in organizing a small space like we have in this primary bedroom.

master closet design plans

1. Modern, minimal light fixture – When it comes to this closet, we have already established we don’t have a lot of space. So, we need a lot of light, but we didn’t want anything to be too big or bulky. We love this light because of both the cost and its minimal and modern design.

2. Wallpaper accent ceiling – I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little nervous about this one. We did an awesome wallpaper accent wall in my office and even a DIY wallpaper with fabric in our cleaning closet, but never a ceiling.

I know we had a bit of a rough time with our office wallpaper, so add in the fact that your arms are gonna be over your head for an extended period of time kinda makes me …. meh. BUT I’m hoping this neutral, fun wallpaper will be a pretty decent experience and add some pizazz to this “walk in closet” design.

3. Color Matched Walls – Truth be told, this designed changed a lot from its inception until now. First, I really wanted white. ALL WHITE ERRYTHANG because I wanted it to feel more open and hopefully look like an actual small walk in closet instead of like a …. reach in closet.

ikea aurdal wardrobe dark gray with dark gray walls

But then we saw this photo on the Ikea website and Jordan said his famous sentence of, “Just go with me here …. What if we got the gray, color matched paint to the walls, and had it murdered out?”

With little will to argue and knowledge that usually what he envisions is fabulous, I just said sure.

NOTE: I do not know the exact color it will be but I PROMISE YOU I’ll give you the answer in the reveal. I’ll make sure I take a photo of it for you! 🙂

4. Ikea AURDAL System – The biggest thing we wanted in our small closet design is a STORAGE SOLUTION.

messy master closet before

I mean, idk if you can tell but a few wire shelves ain’t cutting it. Yes, we have room for hanging clothing, but for us, we need a lot more than just hanging space.

We need drawers. We need shoe shelves. We need …. HALP. We need an adult.

Luckily, the AURDAL has a planner so you can map out your room dimensions, find out what will work, and then create a shopping list which is super helpful! I’m just excited to maybe sneak a few more shelves and drawers

So, there ya have it! I have a few things that I’m hoping we will do once everything is installed to help add to our storage space and organize things a little better that I’ll be sharing along the way, but for now, I’m ready to get small closet idea more than just an idea, but make it a reality!

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modern master closet refresh plans

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