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Neutral Boy Nursery Reveal

Tell all ya friends and neighbors!

A gender neutral nursery room makeover reveal, all done on a budget with sources to get the same kind of look for your own room!

There are times when I wish I could just jump in to every single one of your rooms where you are reading this and just SHOOT OFF A CONFETTI CANNON. Well, this is one of those times!!! It’s finally here! I know it’s only November, but it feels like Christmas. I’m not going to lollygag too much because I know why you all are here! I could think of no better way to celebrate this little man turning three months today with his very own room reveal to all his internet friends!

If you missed any projects and want to see what we’ve done so far in his room, you can check out all of our past nursery updates here:

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Neutral Nursery Decor

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To refresh your memory, this is what we planned to do:

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And here’s where we are today!

gender neutral nursery for boy design with sherwin williams agreeable gray walls

Name Sign | Crib (similar) | Quilt | Crib Skirt | Rug | Monitor | Antler Chandelier DIY (similar)

Surprised I actually stuck very close to the original plans. (That never happens *coughcough guestbathroomsomuchchanged coughcough*)

gender neutral nursery for boy design with sherwin williams agreeable gray walls
Josiah Phoenix circular wood cut sign

I have had my eye on these signs since 2016. No lie. I had absolutely no other plans (or cares, really) for a nursery design as long as it included one of these.

Now because I keep it real in here, I was a tad disappointed that the color of his middle name did not match his crib skirt, but clearly not disappointed enough to take it down. Ever. So, there.

Make any curtains into blackout curtains with a couple bucks and this easy trick

Then we of course have our DIY blackout curtains and our square rug that I’m loving. This room is perfectly square and so having a square rug feels great in here.

Our poof is from Home Goods, but you can find a similar one at the link below or here for about the same price that we paid for ours!

Make any curtains into blackout curtains with a couple bucks and this easy trick

Curtains | Blackout Panels | Glider | Pouf (Similar)

When we made the decision to adopt, we had no idea if we would get a boy or girl.

Even if we did know, there was not going to be any pink or blue in my design. I wanted this to remain a neutral space with minimal room decor.

Let’s face it. The star of a kid room is the kid, right?

nursery glider with side table

Side table (Similar) | Basket (Similar) | ThrowSound Machine | Elephant (similar)

grey side table in nursery

This side table was a DREAM of a find at Home Goods! It was on clearance so I didn’t feel too bad about painting it with chalk paint.

I chose the same color of Rustoleum chalk paint that I used for our changing table so it matches and I’m so in love.

I found a basket at TJ Maxx and it was the perfect size to fit in the bottom to hold his books.

Also, that little book “Let There Be Light” is actually an opposites primer, but based on scripture and it’s SO CUTE! I’m so glad I found it.

Pro tip: When designing a space, if you’re like me and don’t necessarily love color or having a “nursery theme”, then you can let things like books be the pop of color for the space. You don’t even have to have them super visible like ours!

circle basket with books
Josiah print poem

The little print with his name on it in the frame on the dresser is actually part of a gift our church gives staff members who have a new babe, which is so precious. I had to have it be a part of his room.

Also, let me take a break to talk about this Hatch sound machine. This was a back and forth decision to buy, but I’m here to testify I LOVE it.

It has an app that you can control everything with, including setting up your favorite settings that you can then just touch the top to cycle through if you don’t have your phone for some reason. It’s great. He loves it too!

sherwin williams Iron Ore painted double doors
sherwin williams Iron Ore painted double doors

There is weird lighting that comes in his room in that big window because of the bushes in front of the window, but we did paint his closet doors the same as all our other doors and changed out the doorhandles to our favorite ones from Kwikset.

rap lyric nursery printable art with sherwin Williams agreeable gray walls

Diaper pail | Changing table | Clipboards | Changing pad cover (Similar) | Wipes holder | Clothes hamper (Similar)

I talked about how I brought life back into this well loved changing table and it truly is one of my favorite things about this entire room. The memories of where it was before just make me nostalgic and smushy inside.

I also made those printables above the changing table (and if you really like them, you can get them for yourself!)

white antler chandelier

Last but not least is my husband’s favorite part of this room – this dang chandelier. When I laid forth our luxurious interior design plans (ha, kidding), I talked about how I wasn’t too crazy about the idea, but it slowly grew on me. Now that it’s in here, I really do love it.

We installed it on a dimmer so that we can choose how bright we want it in here, but with his Hatch, we use it as a nightlight and don’t have to use the dimmer a ton.

white antler chandelier

Just as a sidebar for any of you wondering, the wall color in here is Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray! We have this color in several rooms in our house and LOVE it!

When it comes to crazy nursery features like a mural accent wall or huge wall decals or making it themed like a travel theme or something, we just didn’t want all of that.

And I’m here to say that if you DO want that, that’s great! But for us, because we had no clue when our baby would come home, we just wanted it to be a peaceful place, with a calm and neutral color palette. And it has been!

I hope you enjoyed our little room tour and if you use any of these elements for your own inspiration for gender neutral nursery ideas, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Or you can just tell me what you think of how ours turned out! 🙂

Simple gender neutral nursery design reveal! This sweet room has all the best nursery design ideas to inspire you! via Living Letter Home
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