“Scary” House Tour (+ Sneak Peek At Our Next Big Project!)

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There’s no better time than Halloween to share our (scary) messy house tour – nope it’s not decorated. Actually the exact opposite.

It’s Halloween and boy do I have a treat for you. If you’re really into scary things.

I’ve had a post like this on my “to do” list for well over a year. It’s had different names in my list – “as is” home tour, no makeup home tour, “don’t tell ya granny our house looks like this” home tour. I haven’t had a chance to do it but this year, I’m just finally taking the plunge.

If you want to know the truth, this was the easiest “project” to photograph. Why? Because I didn’t have to clean a thing. In fact, I waited until a great time where our house was in extra disarray to post this for your guys. The point in this is to remember that my house VERY RARELY looks like this:

It way more often looks like this:

What you don’t hang your jeans on your really nice double towel bar? You don’t know what you’re missing. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s get into it.

Messy House Tour

Josiah’s Room

I’m starting off with a softball in little man man’s nursery. It’s honestly not used much more for sleeping and changing diapers. BUT this also gives you a great sneak peak at our new ongoing project besides our laundry room – THESE FLOORS!!!!!!

We have 11 different type of flooring in this house which you’ll see some in this messy house tour, but we are slowly changing that by installing these freaking SHOW STOPPING 9″ hardwoods. The story behind them is even better and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Charlotte’s Room

Starting to get a little scarier. She plays in here, but also so does brother. And he’s the king of basically just throwing stuff around as is shown above. Plus since we aren’t finished installing floors, we have stuff just stacked where it shouldn’t be normally. More room for activities, I say.

Our Bedroom

I can’t believe we sleep in here. Yep. Floors not installed which means everything that is normally under our bed just …. not … under our bed. And also random things from Charlotte’s room like her lamp just in the middle of our floor. Obviously.

Guest Bathroom

Oh, our beautiful guest bathroom. Our beautiful guest bathroom that took us nearly a year to complete. Just in shambles. Why is there toilet paper on the counter? Well, because chubby handed big tiny sir likes to take the rolls off of the toilet paper holder and unroll them completely or even worse, throw them in the toilet. Ask me how I know.

Toilet paper roll on top drying out….from being thrown in the tub WHILE I WAS IN THE SHOWER. We can’t have nothin’ nice over here.

It should be noted that we take the toys out of the tub after their baths at night BUT the next day, at least once usually Josiah moseys on in there and just throws them all in. I’ve stopped fighting it. Oh. Want to know my favorite part?

Because who doesn’t have a plastic sax in the sink? Kenny G anyone?

Living Room

Here is where the disaster normally is the worst. Because it’s where we spend a huge majority of our day when we’re home. Which I can’t complain about because I love that (at least right now) we have 2 kids who want to be around each other and they want to be around us.

That’s a gift. A huge gift that in the midst of still struggling with infertility I do my best not to take for granted.

If you’re wondering where you store hardwood floors when you don’t have a garage or a controlled climate, the answer is here. Right here. In your entryway so that you can no longer use your front door.

We (Jordan) also decided to try to take down a couple walls in this house so we could put floors down everywhere but alas, this required a structural engineer to come in and look at things and we realized we need a post on the adjacent wall which means money and time and things we’re running low on over here. So, look kids! Play on our new “stairs” and don’t run into any nails while you’re walking through and oh yay exposed electrical work!

The Kitchen

The heart of the home right? Ha! Not if you’re smack dab in the middle of a laundry room renovation and are trying to put that room back together. Stuff. Is. EVERY. WHERE.

The Upstairs

This is the majority of our laundry room at the moment. Right here on these stairs. Cute, ain’t it?

At the top of our stairs is my office. More floors and if you’re wondering what that weird curtain and light is set up, I actually teach ESL online and it’s my backdrop for when I do that. It’s a disaster and I really can’t wait to get this organized and get my beautiful office back. I miss it.

This playroom was the first room I wanted to do when we moved in. Here we are 2 and a half years in and it sits in chaos. Luckily she’s old enough to know to just step over the sawdust from when the floors were installed, ain’t that grand?

God bless our guests that choose to stay with us even in the midst of our mess. THANK YOU for loving us while we try to love you well with unfinished spaces.

The moral of this story is don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Behind every beautiful photo I may take of spaces in our home is me sweating because I’ve just shoved a lot of stuff out of the way so I could get that one shot and then let the children destroy it.

But I’m okay with it. I really am. Day to day I really do get frustrated over the mess – maybe if we had a garage it would at least be contained in one spot, but for now, I rebranded this blog so that I could focus on showing you how to love the home you have in whatever way possible. That includes embracing the mess.

One day I’ll have these pictures to look back on to be thankful when we are empty nesters and I’m tired of cleaning up just Jordan’s mess. Or maybe by that time I will have had enough years of nagging for him to just help me keep this house semi-clean most of the time. Who knows?

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  1. Thank you for normalizing what it like to truly live in your home without constantly stressing out over hiding the evidence of the living that is happening. I wish more people would show this side of life.

    1. My pleasure. I hate the pressure of performing so I want to make sure people know it’s CHAOS in here 98% of the time 🙂

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love this! Can’t stop laughing and being happy about your incredible honesty! How cooooooool it is to see the same picture-perfect scene compared to the real mess. WON-DER-FUL of you to do that.

    BTW I just found you via ApartmentTherapy yesterday and fell in love with your website. I used to have in-laws in Rock Hill many, many moons ago (like 40 years) and I have fond memories of the place. Even though I first had the hardest time understanding people. Wow, that Southern drawl. (On my first venture to a shop I got stopped in my tracks at the cash register by the lady saying something like “addldidawlem” (turned out she said: That’ll be all, mam LOLLLLLLLL).

    Warm greetings from Duesseldorf/Germany to Rock Hill,

    1. hahahah ohhhh my mercy! first of all, thank you for your encouraging words and also sorry about our accents lol. secondly, I AM SO GLAD YOU FOUND ME!!!! third, what a small world to have in-laws here at one point! I am happy to have you around and hope to see you again soon 🙂

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