Bold and Feminine Shared Girls’ Room

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Sharing our plans to create a feminine, but bold shared girls room that will house a 6 year old and a newborn.


It’s March. Which means we could be meeting our baby girl as early as 8 weeks from now (if she’s another preemie like sis) or more like 12 weeks from now.

Yowza. Most days it still doesn’t feel real.

But because I’m truly doing everything I can to fully feel and experience this pregnancy even after our really hard 3rd loss, both the good and the bad, I’ve been planning on what a shared girls room would look like and after researching and trying to spend as little as possible, I think I’ve finally narrowed down our decisions.

Simple and sweet shared girls room ideas and inspiration

I found a lot of inspiration for a shared girls’ room and shared all about it in a post so make sure to check that out if you missed it!

Why are we doing a shared girls’ room and not putting the baby in her own nursery?

gender neutral nursery for boy design with sherwin williams agreeable gray walls

I had actually originally planned to move Josiah from his nursery and have him and Char share a room because they’re closer in age.

But he’s an animal and I just feel like he still needs to be a caged animal (aka. in his crib). Charlotte was in a big girl bed right at her 3rd birthday with zero transition. It was crib to big girl bed and she did amazing.

I’m just a bit more fearful of that with Josiah because even though he’s a pretty good sleeper, I think moving rooms, moving beds, and adding another person in there would be too much change.

We don’t anticipate baby girl being in with Charlotte anyway until she’s sleeping through the night and Charlotte is SO excited she gets a new room with a new baby to boot so I’m going to foster that excitement as much as I can!

Design Elements

bold and feminine shared girls' room elements graphic

I’ve had the idea swirling in my head of what I wanted this space to look like, but as I started trying to find things, I felt like things were either billions of dollars or they were out of stock.

Sometimes a combination of both.

But let’s take a look at how I’m thinking of laying things out!

Modern and feminine shared girls room and nursery

The room won’t be laid out exactly like this, but hopefully this mood board gives more of a visual representation about how I’m wanting the room to feel.

This room has way more modern elements than I’m used to, with a little boho snuck in there.

bold and feminine shared girls' room elements graphic

Lemme break it down for ya a little bit here:

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01. Deep green – This color hasn’t been quite decided yet because my plan is to research some more paint colors and try to match them to the wallpaper we’re going to be using which I’m reeeeeeeally excited about. We will do this green on 2/3 of the wall behind their beds and will do some type of board and batten.

02. Blush – While we won’t be painting anything this color, my plan is to have accents in this color – like with a rug and curtains.

03. White – Char’s room is currently painted in Sherwin Williams Alabaster with a navy diagonal accent wall behind her bed. The navy is Sherwin Williams Naval.

diagonal navy and white wall with IKEA Hemnes daybed

Furniture + Textiles

04. Cane Headboard – These were a Facebook Marketplace STEAL. I had been looking for months on matching twin headboards, knowing that eventually baby girl will be in her own big girl bed.

vintage rattan twin headboards

In the Facebook Marketplace listing for these, she posted this screenshot along with the photos of the headboards in her home.

I gotta be honest, I’ve never heard of Chairish before, but from what I can tell they sell actual, real vintage pieces from estate sales or other really fancy places.

The price of these is $700 on this site (HOLY NO THANK YOU) but I paid $225 for BOTH. So when I say steal, I mean a literal steal. But I’m really excited about these.

05. Rocker – Rockers and gliders are EXPENSIVE. Sheesh. But I found this modern rocker on Wayfair and really liked that it came in at under $200. What I don’t love is it’s currently out of stock and not slated to be back in stock until May 1. Cutting it kind of close.

06. Crib – Originally, I had been searching high and low for matching cribs and big girl beds. What I found was while there were some that were fairly reasonably priced, but I didn’t want to fork out the money for 2 big girl beds AND a crib now. Yet I was afraid in a few years when it would be time for a big girl bed, the matching one would be sold out.

So that’s when I started looking on Facebook Marketplace for the cane headboards for the future and found this white crib from Wayfair that I liked because it’s cheap and it is also rounded so it kind of plays into the shape of Char’s new future headboard.

07. Rug – This was actually not my first choice in a rug, but (say it with me) the one I wanted was on backorder. And since I needed it quick so that I could make the rest of the room around the rug, I had to go for something else.

I found this pink Moroccan area rug from Rugs USA and it was a great price for the size we needed and I went for it!

08. Dresser – This dresser is pretty small which means a shared girls’ closet makeover will have to be done soon too. Yay! Yay?

Easy projects and updates with spray paint

This dresser that she currently has is way bigger and we actually used it in her nursery when she was a babe so it really has sentimental value for me.

DIY pegboard for a non-girly girl nursery #girl #nursery #nurserydesign #girlnursery #livingletterhome

When it was in her nursery, I removed the top drawers and put in these little boxes that housed her diapers and burp cloths and things I could get to in a hurry.

However, the new white dresser we are planning on getting (pending it also stays in stock) is way smaller than this so I can fit in our rocker to the side of it. It’s basically long enough for a changing pad and that’s about it.

09. Curtains – I’m going to be honest – this was a huge compromise for me. I was (and still am) drooling over these blush linen curtains from West Elm but the curtains are $129 and then I’d need to spend about $140 for blackout shades so, again, love my kids, love my fam but … NO.

Plus truth be told, as I have this blog to be helpful, I want to show you guys how to have stylish things on a fairly small and reasonable budget.

10. Chandelier – I thought about changing this out for a cute wooden bead chandelier, but since the dresser we have has gold hairpin legs and I’m most likely going to bring more gold accents in, I figured it can stay at least for now.

If we change our minds, I’ll letcha know 😉

11. Wallpaper – This Queen Ann wallpaper is actually what inspired this entire room. It’s how I decided on the deep green and that I wanted blush accents. It wasn’t cheap which is why we decided to go with adding it on 1/3 of the wall instead of the whole thing.

Just a quick note about that company where the wallpaper is – It is based in Canada so when you check out, the total will be in Canadian dollars, but the when it comes out of your bank account, it will be a different total if you’re in the States like me.

And if you *are* in the states like me, your total will actually be cheaper which is good to know!

There you have it – our shared girls’ room/nursery design plans.

EEK! Stay tuned because this is real life and because of the panny, things may change. Make sure you’re on the email list to get the latest and greatest updates!

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  1. Hey, gal!
    You have been very busy. Congratulations on your new baby! I know she is gonna be adorable. I think the room and color scheme are just so feminine and relaxing. I know Charlotte is excited to be a big sister and she will be the “Little Mama”. The flipped houses are coming right along and I think they look great. The newest one is gonna be gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what you do to it. This is an exciting time for you and for home decor. So many choices, and so little time. Take care of yourself and that beautiful family. Let us know when that sweet baby is here!

  2. First of all, congratulations! I have been knee-deep in planning (and blogging about) my seven-year-old daughter’s room, so this was fun to read. As a Canadian, I approve of Canadian wallpaper! I wanted to check it out but the link didn’t work for me.

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