Transform Your Sanctuary: Cozy & Neutral Bedroom Ideas

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Whew, y’allllll our bedroom leaves MUCH to be desired. I mean much.

peacock teal vanity with Benjamin Moore Gray Owl walls and wood mirror

We redid our primary bathroom a while back and that was a good bandaid for that space.

Ikea AURDAL closet shelving unit in gray

We also redid the world’s TINIEST primary closet too and have been enjoying the fruits of that labor.

But the actual bedroom? It’s a big ol’ meh.

I want to be cozy. I want to be able to relax. I want to read 1000 books and disassociate with the world in my bedroom. Is that so much to ask?

As I was looking for inspiration, I figured I would share it with you too in case it’s on your to do list this year!

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Floating Shelves

cozy bedroom in white and tan with floating shelves above the bed

Floating shelves serve both aesthetic and functional benefits in a neutral bedroom.

Use them to display minimalist artwork, family pics or or fresh floral arrangements, introducing personality without clutter.

Styled with essentials or cozy scented candles, they enhance the cozy vibes we know you love.

Minimalist Artwork

traditional bedroom with upholstered headboard and bench at the end

Opt for pieces that go with with your color scheme for cohesion.

And if you are the DIY type (and especially if you are NOT), I still stand by the easiest DIY abstract canvas art I made in an afternoon with exactly ZERO artistic talent whatsoever for our playroom!

Soft Lighting

warm sconce light beside bed

Soft lighting transforms your sleeping space, casting a glow that makes the room feel warm and extra cozy.

Pro tip: try layering ambient, task, and accent lights to achieve an inviting ambience. This ensures your space has the feel of coziness, but is also functional when full lighting is needed.

Plush Area Rugs

black bedroom with plaid bedding and a plush rug under the bed

Plush area rugs can simultaneously warm up a space and tie it all together.

Especially if you have wood floors, your little toesies will appreciate the addition of a high pile rug.

ruggable runner rug in kitchen with greige cabinets and white cafe fridge


Buying a rug online can feel super stressful, but here are some of our favorite places to source online rugs that are great quality!

Statement Headboard

statement vintage white headboard with white sheets closeup

Choosing a statement headboard transforms the focal point of your space, giving it a sense of luxury and serenity.

Classic designs, like wingbacks, postered, or upholstered elevate the room’s design.

They also anchor the space, allowing you to layer textures and neutrals harmoniously for a tranquil lil’ retreat.

Window Seat

window seat in bedroom looking out over a large field

A window seat, styled with plush cushions and soft throws, transforms into your cozy nook for reading or a tranquil spot for relaxation, enveloping you in comfort.

This may not be an option in your room unless it’s giant, but if you do have an opportunity for this, go for it!

Monochrome Palette

monochromatic black bedroom with black and white cat sitting on the sheets

And it has to always match your pet.


Monochrome palettes are in, y’all. Just check out the color drenching trend. Although I think it feels super timeless and way less trendy.

Indoor Plants

layered bedding and gold lamp with plants on a rattan night stand

And yes, you can totally use faux plants!

If you do decide to go for real, opt for low-maintenance greens like snake plants or pothos.

Hidden Storage

upholstered storage bed with handles

Maximizing your bedroom’s space through hidden storage solutions is great for those smaller rooms like ours. Look to storage beds and ottomans as stylish yet practical choices.

I would love one of the beds that has drawers on the sides, but because of lack of space, our room is way more conducive to a storage bed like this one that lifts up and has the storage under the mattress.

Accent Wall

board and batten in bedroom painted sherwin williams pure white with small fiddle leaf fig on rattan side table

We are a sucker for a good accent wall, even in a flip house like this shotgun flip we did a while back.

They’re great to add visual interest and if you so choose, you can add color or leave them neutral like this to give them a unique spin.

Canopy Bed

black canopy bed with simple bedding and 3 pictures hanging above the bed

Nothing mixes warmth and charm like a canopy bed.

You can add sheer linen or lightweight cotton drapes too to enhance this romantic look.

Textured Wallpaper

black velvet bed with blush pink floral and black wallpaper

If you can’t tell from our girls’ shared room, my office, our primary closet ceiling and even the plans for Josiah’s big boy room, we LOVE wallpaper. LOVE IT.

Textured wallpaper can elevate your space even more adding depth without overpowering. You can choose to have a pattern like florals or you can have a texture like grasscloth with a very light to no color at all.

Multifunctional Furniture

black bed and nightstand with 2 towels on the nightstand

We recently got new nightstands in our room and it’s been a game changer for allowing me to store extra things like jammies, shirts, or even scrubs for work.

Furniture pieces that serve double duty are great for smaller and cozier spaces and exemplify how one can beautifully balance comfort and practicality, making every square foot count.

Warm Wood Tones

golden retriever on super comfy and fluffy bed with warm lighting and cozy bedding

And yes, much like with cats, doggos can be part of your neutral cozy bedroom aesthetic.

But seriously, warm wood mimics the dusk sunlight which is always just so stunning and calming.

Velvet Accents

different tones of olive green in velvet pillows on bed and a tall velvet headboard

2 things I love – dark green colors and velvet furniture.

Don’t believe me? I dedicated an entire post to some sexy ass green velvet couches that I was drooling over at the time. And are still swoon worthy for sure.

Neutral Textiles

closeup of fluffy linen bedding

Think of things like linen, high quality cotton – all the fluffy comfy goodness your bedroom will need.

Built-In Bookshelves or Recessed Shelving

wall behind bed painted black and built in shelves with books on them

Yes, of course you can have built ins around your living room fireplace, but why not bring that to your sleeping quarters?

They serve for displaying beloved book collections or cherished items, seamlessly integrating into your cozy, neutral bedroom theme.

Blackout Curtains

floor to ceiling curtains in a bedroom with a floor lamp and white and tan bedding

While I highly recommend and LOVE the velvet curtains we have put in the kids’ rooms (and will be adding to our own!) they aren’t truly blackout.

But there’s nothing like when you wake up in a hotel on vacation and don’t even know what time it is because the curtains are so blackout.

So what I’m saying is make your room feel like you’re on vacay every day!

Bedside Sconces

cozy bedroom painted in sage green with wicker sconce beside the bed and a vintage plant print above the bed

Bedside sconces offer lighting without being on a surface, leaving nightstands free for other uses.

Good for finishing “one more chapter” or late night baby feedings and diaper changes – depending on where you are in life.

Gallery Wall

cozy cottage bedroom with vintage gold frames in a gallery wall above the bed

A gallery wall can transform an empty space into an expression of your life and style.

Curate a mix of personal photography, favorite art pieces, and unique trinkets that reflect your personality.

This approach not only personalizes your bedroom but infuses it with warmth and character, making your bedroom feel truly yours.

Layered Bedding Textures

bed linens with blush and navy colors layered like a pottery barn bed

There’s a reason people Google how to make their bed look like Pottery Barn. They’ve got that layering thing down to a science.

Combining high-thread-count bed sheets, plush quilts, and textured throws transforms your sleep space into a snoozy safe haven.

Dimmer Switches

Installing dimmer switches for your overhead lighting and lamps will give you so much more flexibility in terms of lighting levels.

By adjusting the light to suit any time of day or mood, you will be ready for bright times of deep cleaning or dimmer moments of rest and relaxation.

Colorful Accents

warm wood bed and nightstand in a bedroom and on the bed is white bedding and mustard accents. there are mustard curtains behind the bed on the window

If you haven’t seen Josiah’s new room makeover plans, you may not know, but second to green in a home design is mustard for me. I am in love.

But when you have a neutral bedroom, colors can still feel neutral, while also adding a pop of interest and charm.

Consider introducing a splash of color through carefully selected pillows, artwork, or decor pieces. It adds just enough without it feeling like excess.

Low-Profile Bed Frame

low profile wood bed with blush pink and white bedding and a hat hanging on the wall as art

A low-profile bed frame elevates the illusion of more space, granting even the smallest bedrooms a grander, more expansive feel.

Try sleek modern designs to maximize this effect.

Comfortable Seating Corner

oversized arm chair by a window in a bedroom with woven shades

A cozy chair, nestled in a corner with a soft glow from a nearby lamp or windows, transforms your bedroom into a private retreat.

Adding a small side table ensures your favorite book and scented candle are within reach, inviting relaxation.

Fresh Floral Arrangements

fresh flowers on a nightstand in a bedroom

If you don’t have any you can snip from a garden, make a quick trip to Trade Joe’s and get a bunch from their huge gorgeous seasonal selection.

Psst. You can also find some incredible faux flowers so that you don’t have to deal with them dying if that’s more your speed!

My tip is to opt for seasonal blooms to keep the decor fresh throughout the year, whether real or fake!

Faux Fur Accent Pillows

cozy bedding on a black metal frame and a sconce beside the bed

I typically prefer the teddy bear fyr texture rather than what you normally think of when you hear faux fur, but to each their own!

Regardless, I recommend various sizes and textures, enhancing depth and character within your bed and bedding. This simple addition elevates both comfort and style.

Oversized Floor Mirror

tall gold floor mirror in bedroom with white and tan bedding

An oversized floor mirror not only makes your bedroom feel bigger, but also amplifies the natural light. It’s also good for those fabulous fit checks before you stroll out the door.

Place it strategically to capture and distribute daylight, maximizing the brightness of your space.

Textured Throws

black metal bedframe with pillows and a chunky knit blanket

Draping textured throws over chairs or at the bed’s foot instantly adds layers of warmth and texture to your bedroom.

These cozy accents not only enhance the room’s aesthetic but also invite you to curl up and relax, transforming your bedroom into a cozy retreat that beckons after a long day.

Statement Chandelier

bed with large round brass light fixture

When I think statement chandelier, this image I took from our most recent flip house that previously caught fire is the first image that comes to mind.

We put a stunning light fixture in there and it still lives rent free in my head. Cozy doesn’t always mean small; it just means comfy!

High-Thread-Count Bed Sheets

high end bedding on a bed with a tan headboard

Like the great theologian Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec said, “It’s like sleeping on lotion”. And speaking from experience, it is.

We have these same sheets on every bed in this house because they’re so inexpensive and SUCH good quality. I’m in LOVE and literally can’t get over that they’re only $40 for a king size and they’re on sale ALL the time!

Indulge in some of these high-thread-count bed sheets to experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication in your resting space.


TV mounted on the wall above a fireplace with a bed in the foreground

Nothing says cozy like being able to have a fireplace right in your room.

I would suggest an electric fireplace or at least one that has a switch or remote operation so that it’s safer and so that it’s way more convenient. Cozy = less work!

Throw Blanket Basket

seagrass basket beside the bed with blankets in it

A throw blanket basket combines convenience with style.

Filled with soft textures, it effortlessly elevates the cozy factor. Because as you’ve learned from me by now (especially when I told you all about my dream for a woman cave), you can absolutely never have too many comfort items.

Scented Candles

candles on nightstand in bedroom with cozy blankets on bed

I’m not talking about Bath and Body Works on your nightstand.

I mean more like having a signature scent that you light when you’re trying to get yourself ready for bed or when you’re trying to enter relaxation mode.

Opt for scents like lavender or vanilla, known to soothe the mind and ease into sleep.

Wall-mounted TV with Hidden Wires

samsung the frame TV hung over a dresser in a bedroom with wood beams on the ceiling

Hear me out – how can you have a place to wind down if you have a distractive TV? Well, you have to remember not everyone winds down the same way.

Some people need to zone out with something in the background on TV. Some people need TV to fall asleep.

It’s me. I’m some people.

But if you think it’s going to be terrible, then go for a Samsung Frame TV (or our super simple DIY cheap Samsung Frame knockoff version) and have art displayed on it when you’re not watching it.

Also make sure you get cord concealers or have the wires channeled through the wall for a seamless appearance.


cozy bedroom graphic

Now y’all all know that it takes us forever to do projects around here so gimme time before you see anything out of this, ha!

Gimme a break – we got 4 whole ass kids now. Whew. What a life!

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